Delleman, J.W.

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J.W., 20th century Dutch ophthalmologist and geneticist.
Delleman syndrome - rare malformation syndrome characterized by orbital cysts, microphthalmia, and cerebral malformations. Synonym(s): Delleman-Oorthuys syndrome
Delleman-Oorthuys syndrome - Synonym(s): Delleman syndrome
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Our patient had accessory tragi as a presenting feature which can also be found in various other syndromes like Trecher-Collins syndrome, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, Nager's acrofacial dysostosis, Wildervanck syndrome, Townes-Brocks Syndrome and Delleman syndrome.5 However, our patient also had classical limbal dermoid and mild cleft palate which confirmed the diagnosis of Goldenhar syndrome.
These are Delleman syndrome, Goldenhar syndrome, Haberland syndrome, and Townes-Brock syndrome.1 However, these syndromes, which are named eponymously, are also known in the medical literature by other names.
Delleman syndrome: Report of a case in an adolescent boy.