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(dĕl′bro͝ok′, -brük′), Max 1906-1981.
German-born American biologist. He shared a 1969 Nobel Prize for investigating the mechanism of viral infection in living cells.
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In the book at hand, Delbrueck is an important protagonist as well as a major foil for the forty-three men who wrote about war.
For Delbrueck the study of military affairs was part literature, philology, and philosophy; and part science.
For Delbrueck, however, Caesar did not triumph over Ariovistus or Vercingetorix but rather Roman civilization won over Gaulic civilization, culture succeeded over barbarism.
In Gat's study of nineteenth-century military thought, Delbrueck is one of the major foils against whom other writers--Wilhelm Ruestow, Julian Corbett, Alfred Thayer Mahan, Ivan Bloch, Ardant du Picq and Friedrich Engels to name only a few--are compared.
As Delbrueck had done for land warfare, Mahan did for navies, virtually pioneering in the serious study of naval power as a part of general history, politics, and economics.
Aside from Delbrueck, the other major foil for these 43 writers is culture.
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