Pierre L.E., French surgeon, 1861-1925. See: Delbet sign.
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We will be able to significantly reduce the current level of manpower dedicated to administration, which will allow us to focus on various simulations of our risks and margins," concludes Julien Delbet, Head of ALM, Retail Banking at Societe Generale.
Neveu in the 1940s, Delbet determined that MgCI boosts the germ-destroying power of white blood cells.
Delbet had avowed that Firmin's participation in a discussion on gold reserves was "proof of the equal rights and fraternity of all races.
The positivist Delbet seemed more tolerant on issues of race than on gender, while the reverse was clearly true of the racial hierarchy advocate Limousin.
There was still a coterie of positivist traditionalists (who in the case of Delbet and Grimanelli played important official roles in the Society) and a few virulent anti-feminists such as Joran and Barre.
In 1919, Delbet used a rubber femoral head to treat femoral neck fractures.