Pierre L.E., French surgeon, 1861-1925. See: Delbet sign.
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The first reported hemiarthroplasty was by Delbet who used reinforced rubber as a replacement for the femoral head in 1919.
Pierre Delbet. Inspired by the clinical observations of Dr.
The president of the society in 1901-2, the positivist physician Ernest Delbet, had apparently been more moderate on the race issue, if one may judge by his hearty welcome for the Haitian lawyer and advocate of racial equality Antenor Firmin.
The positivist Delbet seemed more tolerant on issues of race than on gender, while the reverse was clearly true of the racial hierarchy advocate Limousin.
There was still a coterie of positivist traditionalists (who in the case of Delbet and Grimanelli played important official roles in the Society) and a few virulent anti-feminists such as Joran and Barre.
In 1919, Delbet used a rubber femoral head to treat femoral neck fractures.
Delbet classified the fracture neck femur in children in to four types.