developmental milestones

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de·vel·op·men·tal mile·stones

(dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl mīl'stōnz)
The stages in the neuromuscular, mental, or social maturation of an infant or young child, generally marked by the attainment of a capacity or skill, such as rolling over, sitting with good head control, smiling spontaneously, laughing, and following moving objects with the eyes; most of these occur by the age of 2-4 months in the normal infant.
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In pre-school they told me that he talks less than the other students, it was difficult for him to draw a straight line, something most children would have no problem doing and he had difficulties reading so he had many delayed milestones,"
Physiotherapy programmes offered by KIMS also include strategised play therapy, which helps children achieve delayed milestones and make them functional to perform most activities in daily life.
Pooja Tyagi, whose daughter had delayed milestones and is a slow learner, put her daughter on colourpuncture therapy at the age of seven.

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