developmental milestones

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de·vel·op·men·tal mile·stones

(dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl mīl'stōnz)
The stages in the neuromuscular, mental, or social maturation of an infant or young child, generally marked by the attainment of a capacity or skill, such as rolling over, sitting with good head control, smiling spontaneously, laughing, and following moving objects with the eyes; most of these occur by the age of 2-4 months in the normal infant.
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He shared the Indicators for parents included delayed milestones, difficulty in rhyming, short attention span, does not like going to school, confusion between left - right, up - down, tires very quickly when reading or writing, difficulty with buttoning up, colouring, cutting, late in learning to tie shoelaces, tell the time, etc.
El-Refaee identifies symptoms of hydrocephalus in infancy as the abnormal increase in the size of the head, with sunset eye sign, vomiting, and delayed milestones, which means a child's development is slower than average.
The director and founder revealed the special needs centre welcomes adult students who are borderline and require added care; these could range from delayed milestones to hearing challenges, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Patient was known case of cerebral palsy with history of delayed milestones.
She said: we feel pride in selling CEREBRASE, an enzyme syrup, helpful for growing children or children with delayed milestones.
Material and Methods: This study included 100 patients of both sexes from 2-10 years of age, who presented with delayed milestones /mental retardation, where no etiological diagnosis could be made following clinical examination and preliminary investigations.
Majority of cases with infective cause had either delayed milestones or regression in milestone.
Physiotherapy programmes offered by KIMS also include strategised play therapy, which helps children achieve delayed milestones and make them functional to perform most activities in daily life.
Authors also propose that recognition of delayed milestones should be included in the medical curriculum before medical students qualify.
Pooja Tyagi, whose daughter had delayed milestones and is a slow learner, put her daughter on colourpuncture therapy at the age of seven.
The child had presented with increasing head size since birth and delayed milestones.
Hammond cited the case of a 4-month-old girl with poor head control and delayed milestones.

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