growth retardation

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growth re·tar·da·tion

(grōth rētahr-dāshŭn)
A slower than normal pattern of growth caused by a variety of factors including heredity, growth hormone deficiency, thyroid disorders, chronic illness, poor nutrition, and emotional stress.
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When alone I still hear doctors speak in that hospital room, where I heard the words delayed milestone,' she says.
INDIA successfully test- fired its first indigenously developed air- to- air missile Astra from a Sukhoi- 30MKI combat jet on Sunday -- a much- delayed milestone on the road to the new weapon's induction into the IAF's arsenal.
The reduced sales estimates are due to poor trial data from cancer drug Arzerra (ofatumumab) and a delayed milestone payment from development partner GlaxoSmithKline (LON: GSK), which caused Genmab to downgrade its turnover guidance for 2009.
She added that Shakir had delayed milestone also known as developmental delays since his childhood owing to which he started walking late in childhood.
There was no h/o fracture, joint pain, jaundice, blood transfusion or any kind of delayed milestone or mental retardation.
These problems may include delayed milestones in infants, presence of ambiguous genitalia, mental health problems and occurrence of repeated miscarriages in couples.
delayed milestones), acquired disabilities, cognitive disorders (e.g.
A 6-months-old female presented with progressively increasing diffuse dark-coloured lesions over the trunk and extremities with delayed milestones. According to the mother, the lesions started appearing after first week of life.
He shared the indicators for parents included delayed milestones, difficulty in rhyming, short attention span, does not like going to school, confusion between left - right, up - down, tires very quickly when reading or writing, difficulty with buttoning up, colouring, cutting, late in learning to tie shoelaces, tell the time, etc.
Furthermore, hospital authorities have suggested that device addiction in children as young as two to three can result in delayed milestones or developmental delays.
She had delayed milestones in speech-language development.
El-Refaee identifies symptoms of hydrocephalus in infancy as the abnormal increase in the size of the head, with sunset eye sign, vomiting, and delayed milestones, which means a child's development is slower than average.

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