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delayed extraction

An experimental technique in time-of-flight mass spectrometry in which improved mass resolution is obtained by using a controlled delay between the initial pulse of ion formation and acceleration of the ions into the instrument’s flight tube.
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( Delaware is codifying new permissions based on an idea that already has pretty reputable precedents.
Even if it takes a while to implement, a column published by ( The National Law Review argued Delaware's legislation could lead to "more accurate and auditable ledgers, easily implemented restrictions on transfer, and swift voting." Local laws in the tiny state of Delaware, with ( less than a million people , could have a ( global impact because business-friendly regulations have turned Delaware into a corporate hub.
Delaware Trust Co provides a suite of corporate trust and agency, independent director, fund administration, structured finance, and special purpose entity management services to corporations, law firms, financial institutions, institutional investors, and private equity firms.
* A Delaware subsidiary incorporated solely to manage the collection and distribution of royalties
The merger will add 18 Delaware credit unions to the 180-member credit union roster of the Cooperative association.
"Delaware is ignoring controlling federal law in exchange for financial gain," Paxton told reporters on Thursday.
Laws that stipulate unclaimed property must be routed through the state of incorporation if the owner's address is incomplete have netted Delaware huge profits.
"The theme of DataWorks 2016 is 'Let's Make It Easier to Do Business in Delaware,'" said David Ginzberg, Co-Organizer of Open Data Delaware.
DNREC says Delaware's Solid Waste Recycling Law, also known as the Universal Recycling Law, requires all waste service providers to separate containers for recyclables, to ensure that these items are not put into landfills, or the incinerator.
With this merger, our shareholders will receive a premium over current market price and the dividend yield of Norwood common stock, and our customers will enjoy banking with a larger community bank with greater product offerings," stated James Stracuzzi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Delaware Bancshares, Inc.
"The bankruptcy courts in Delaware are better setup and familiar with these big cases," said Steven Hathaway, a Bellingham bankruptcy attorney who is not working on the Haggen case.
Delaware's Courts as a Mediator Among Interest Groups