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Francis, U.S. physician and pathologist, 1841-1915. See: Delafield hematoxylin.
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Delafield, if you wish to apprise him of his good fortune, you have only to attend my music party to-morrow evening, and I will take particular care that you get acquainted with the humane hero."
why, Delafield!--Seymour Delafield!--the pattern for all the beaux--the magnet for all the belles--and the delight of all the parents in town!"
Delafield get married, then, if marriage be so very desirable?" said Miss Henly, smiling at the customary rattle of her companion: "he can easily get a wife, you say?"
Delafield to do with each other?" said Charlotte, removing her hat, and exhibiting a head of hair that opportunely fell in rich profusion over her shoulders, so as to conceal the unusual flush on her, ordinarily, pale cheek.
Seymour Delafield," said Charlotte, raising her mild eyes to the face of her mother, and smiling, as she delicately pared her apple, with a simple ingenuousness that banished uneasiness from the breast of her parent in an instant.
Cadet Anders Rhode of Delafield, Wisconsin, was salutatorian, and awarded the Order of the White Rose for being an exemplary example of high moral principles.
All employees and offices of the two companies are being retained, and the combined company will be co-headquartered in Cleveland, OH and Delafield, WI.
To escape an unwanted marriage, heiress Isadora Delafield runs away and disguises herself as a housekeeper.
In 2016, the Board of Review for the Town of Delafield reclassified two lots of land owned by The Peter Ogden Family Trust of 2008 and The Therese A.
Delafield, WI, January 21, 2019 --( Flora Elements Education and Floral Studio opened its doors to the Delafield community and beyond.
The Bronze Award was given for Charter Manufacturing in the Office/Corporate Category and a Bronze Award for Gerhard's Kitchen & Bath Store in Delafield. Allison Pfeifer and Emily Thomas ofEppstein Uhen Architects received Gold and Silver awards at the ASID awards.