Deiters' cell

Dei·ters' cell

(dī′tərz, -tərs)
2. See astrocyte.
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In the lateral of inner and outer HCs rows, inner and outer phalangeal cells (also called the Deiters' cells) reside, respectively.
In the neonatal cochleae of mammals, the Wnt target gene Lgr5 is expressed in a subset of SCs (the pillar cells, inner phalangeal cells, and Deiters' cells) [54], and these endogenous Lgr5+ cells maintain mitotic quiescence.
Cox et al., "Age-dependent in vivo conversion of mouse cochlear pillar and Deiters' cells to immature hair cells by Atoh1 ectopic expression," Journal of Neuroscience, vol.
In more severe cases, damage progresses to the inner hair cells and can even spread to the supporting cells in this order: Deiters' cells, pillar cells, and Claudius' cells.