Otto F.K., German anatomist, 1834-1863. See: Deiters cells, Deiters terminal frames, Deiters nucleus, deiterospinal tract.
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3 (From left) Andrew Vuono, Harold Deiters, Timothy Mulcahy, Ellen Labita, Christine Fenske, Marc Valente, Shawn Anderson, Veronica Valdez, Irina Tronza and Peter Noce represented Baker Tilly at the Long Island Business News 40 Under 40 Awards.
Deiters, Microwave Activation of Enzymatic Catalysis, J.
Bob was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Robert Angus and Violet Deiters who preceded him in death.
Deiters III spoke about his dedication to "looking at ways we can attract and keep young professionals in the CPA profession and the important role the Society plays as an advocate for our members and the CPA profession here in New York state.
One might not share Ruf's perspective, but it does align with a contemporary review published in the Leipziger Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung: in 1867 Hermann Deiters praised the instrumentation of Brahms's second sextet, noting the absence of the "orchestral character" occasionally present in the earlier work.
Deiter's request for personal information reached Brahms while he was on holiday in Ischl, and his response must have disappointed Deiters considerably:
Deiters handles Crossmark's order-to-cash service offerings, leading a team of more than 150 associates who support manufacturers and retailers across the United States.
Deiters, while pursuing graduate studies in international relations at the University of Amsterdam, came to India to investigate a growing number of suicides among poor farmers.
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Estes estudos revelam que apos a exposicao de quatro segundos a coclea revela demonstra lesoes restritas as celulas de Deiters e Hensen e; apos 24 horas do termino da exposicao grandes porcoes da coclea nao se recuperam do trauma mecanico e comecam a degenerar [17].