Otto F.K., German anatomist, 1834-1863. See: Deiters cells, Deiters terminal frames, Deiters nucleus, deiterospinal tract.
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* Deiters Funeral Home & Crematory, Washington * Henderson Funeral Home & Crematory, Pekin * Macz Funeral Home, Centralia * Mueller Funeral Homes, Inc., Peru * Officer Funeral Home, P.C., East St.
Deiters III paid tribute to the memory of Past President David J.
3 (From left) Andrew Vuono, Harold Deiters, Timothy Mulcahy, Ellen Labita, Christine Fenske, Marc Valente, Shawn Anderson, Veronica Valdez, Irina Tronza and Peter Noce represented Baker Tilly at the Long Island Business News 40 Under 40 Awards.
Bob was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Robert Angus and Violet Deiters who preceded him in death.
Tres resenas de Dora Mayer se publicaron en el primer numero de Libros y Revistas: Ricardo Wagner y Mathilde Wesendonck de Leonore Niessen Deiters; Las mujeres y el Estado Soberano de A.
In the lateral of inner and outer HCs rows, inner and outer phalangeal cells (also called the Deiters' cells) reside, respectively.
All four adenosine receptors ([A.sub.1], [A.sub.2A], [A.sub.2B], and [A.sub.3]) are expressed in the rat cochlea, with the strongest immunoexpression of otoprotective Ax adenosine receptors ([A.sub.1]AR) in sensory hair cells, supporting Deiters' cells and spiral ganglion neurons [19].