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Fahr·en·heit (F),

Gabriel D., German-Dutch physicist, 1686-1736. See: Fahrenheit scale.
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Again infestation was highest during the summer months from May-July when local temperatures were between 85- 90 degrees Farenheit. We captured 13 mice from March to August and found infestation in five of the thirteen mice captured.
After additional work in the field he wrote in 1977, "Freezing to -10 degrees Farenheit or -20 degrees Celcius is a very effective way of extending the freshness of coffee."
The patient is then asked to remove her clothes from the waist up to create "cold stress" at about 68 degrees Farenheit and complete the first reading of the 112 data points.
At most retail stores, 180 degrees Farenheit is the highest they can boil water, so there needs to be a compromise.
2000: Temperatures of 55 degrees Farenheit melted an outdoor ice rink in Middlesborough which had been set up for Christmas.
By the last week of the year the mercury was spiking to more than 100 degrees Farenheit with gale force winds, the classic weather for buslifires, as wildfires in Australia are called, On Christmas day the first flames broke out, and within hours bushfires were burning up and down the eastern part of the state.
Temperatures reached 100 degrees Farenheit and sparked off an afternoon thunderstorm that meant 36 players were unable to complete their opening round at Royal Selangor.
Temperatures during shooting have dipped to minus 31 degrees Farenheit.
Two electronically controlled brewing cycles powered at 900 watts to produce coffee at the ideal temperature of 200 degrees to 205 degrees Farenheit. The unit, in black or white, retails for about $60.