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Anders, Swedish astronomer, 1701-1744. See: Celsius scale.

Celsius (°C)

Etymology: Anders Celsius, Swedish scientist, 1701-1744
temperature scale in which 0° is the freezing point of water and 100° is the boiling point of water at sea level. To convert to Fahrenheit, multiply the Celsius by 1.8, then add 32. Also called centigrade. Compare Fahrenheit.

Cel·si·us scale

(sel'sē-ŭs skāl)
A temperature scale that is based on the triple point of water (defined to be 273.16°K) and assigned the value of 0.01°C; has replaced the centigrade scale because the triple point of water can be more accurately measured than the ice point; for most practical purposes, however, the two scales are equivalent.
[Anders Celsius]
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The temperature in Pakistan is 50 degrees Celcius and the heat wave is coming from there," Director of Indian Meteorological Office B.
Along the coast a high of 17 degrees Celcius during daytime drops to a low of 7 degrees by nightfall.
8 degrees celcius on Wednesday, the minimum temperature recorded was four degrees celcius in the Indian Capital.
Just a week after it unleashed a brutal weather front across Europe which left six people dead, Siberia is expected to get even colder - with temperatures forecast to fall as low as -55 degrees Celcius.
75 degrees Celcius during the last century and recent decades have been some of the warmest on record.
6 degrees Celcius, compared to the previous record of 15 degrees, measured on January 3, 1992.
The 155-mile run comes just over a year after his daring trek through the Arctic in temperatures as low aS -30 degrees Celcius, from which he raised more than pounds 3,500 for Mayoral causes.
But the footballer was let down by large sweat patches on blue shirt despite the weather being a mild 21 degrees celcius.
a) 10 degrees celcius b) 5 degrees celcius c) 0 degrees celcius TO ENTER BY TELEPHONE: Call 0901 229 2417 and follow the instructions BY TEXT: Text CT1 followed by a space and your answer, your name, house number and postcode to 84080.
53 meetings lost in Britain and Ireland since December 14 312 races lost (excluding divided races) 3cost in millions of pounds of hit on levy yield since mid-December 998 Number of British jump winners Timmy Murphy is still stuck on 9days since any jump racing in Britain or Ireland 1963 the last year things were so bad 28 days since last jump meeting in the north 36 days since last meeting in Scotland 5all-weather meetings lost since last Wednesday 43 temperature in degrees celcius that has led to abandonments in Australia
Temperatures along the coast will vary between 8 and 21 degrees Celcius, between 0 and 13 degrees in the mountains and between 2 and 14 degrees in the Bekaa Valley.
With the mercury hitting 41 degrees Celcius last Friday, similar conditions are expected again today, tomorrow and on Thursday.