degenerative disease

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de·gen·e·ra·tive dis·ease

(dĕ-jeńĕr-ă-tiv di-zēź)
Any disorder (e.g., arteriosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis) marked by progressively worsening changes in tissue.
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degenerative disease

Disease featuring DEGENERATION.
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Q. Is degenerative disc disease and arthritis the same thing? My husband was recently in a auto accident at work. They did a CT Scan of his head and neck. The doctor said that the CT Scan found that he has arthritis in his neck. After receiving the report ourselves to take to another doctor it reads: "There is minimal early degenerative disc disease with osteophyte formation predominately at C5-6. " My husband never had a problem with his neck before the accident

A. I was suffering from pain for 2 years and undergoing numerous test for causes when a trip to a neurologist for migraines gave me an answer. FINALLY! This was in July of this year so I am still learning and finding out about fibromyalgia but I do know in the last couple of years there has been a greater acceptance BUT there are still a lot of doctors not being supportive (from experience and talking with others) and the public in general can be unaccepting b/c you look healthy, seem to be healthy and they can not understand why you are in pain that "can't be explained!" I encourage suffers of fibro to find support within their peers! it really helps to talk to people that understand! That's what brought me to this site to start with and I am so glad I found it!

Q. I am interested in information on working with fibromyalgiaI am having problems just coping at home! I have had 2 c-spine surgeries in 2 years, have degenerative disc disease, maigrains with nuurological tendencies, fatigue, deppression and fibromyalgia. I can't stand for long , sit for long, just making it through my daily life is stressful enough how do people manage to work? I have been off since August of last year but wan to feel well enough so I can return to the working world, Any suggestions? Tried Lyrica, doctor took me off the side affects for me were terrible!

A. I had a cervical spinal fusion, C4-5,C5-6 and a SLAP repair of my left shoulder. Initially after the fusion the headaches and tinlging went away and then 4 months later, while in a PT work conditioning prorgam, the headaches returned, along with nausea, vomiting and vertigo. My doctor basically ignored the symptoms for the last 5 months and I was finally referred to a neurologist who is treating me with Lyrica and Imitrex. The side effects are brutal and it has come done to living with the headaches and other symptoms vs. living in a fog unable to function. I have come to realize that there is no magic "fix" and all the meds mask the stymptoms temporarily but it's a tradeoff when you consider the side effects and possible long term health issues from meds such as Lyrica that have no research as far as long term health conditions. I found a natural remedy called Headache Free and I'm giving it a try.....good luck because I know exactly how debilitative these symptoms are

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Some patients also had complications of diabetes including retinopathy, degenerative nerve disease, blindness, and diabetic gangrene.
Cash, 68, is battling Shy-Drager syndrome, a degenerative nerve disease. He is, however, working on a new studio album.
Back in 1996 Alomar not only spit in Hirschbeck's face but also accused him of being too "bitter" about the death of the umpire's 8-year-old son from ALD, a rare degenerative nerve disease. Hirschbeck was furious and threatened to kill Alomar.
Ali travels with his wife, Lonnie, who speaks on his behalf as his speech is limited by Parkinson's, a degenerative nerve disease.
Although riluzole extends life, it cannot halt the degenerative nerve disease, repair the nervous system, or even make patients feel better.
The application claimed that the cell line might prove useful for the treatment of human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV), which is associated with a form of leukemia and a degenerative nerve disease.
The application claimed that the cell line might prove useful for the treatment of the Human T-lymphotropic virus, or HTLV, which is associated with a form of leukemia and a degenerative nerve disease.
CMT is a group of hereditary, degenerative nerve diseases that can affect motor skills, resulting in muscle weakness, and limiting patients' ability to walk or use their hands.

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