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The rupture of a breast implant, which is abrupt, obvious and harmless with saline, and slower, less obvious and fibrosing (scarring) with silicone
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Taken as a whole, this means that consumer prices in the GCC overall fell into deflation for the first time since 2000 and are in the steepest period of decline in many decades.
Despite growing concerns over deflation, BOK Governor Lee Ju-yeol dismissed the possibility of a rate cut from the current 1.75 percent, claiming economy will rebound in the second half.
In Section 2, I provide a brief survey of the current state of knowledge about deflation, both from a theoretical and empirical point of view.
The report predicts shop price deflation will move closer to zero at the turn of the year and "could even move into inflationary territory" at some point during the first half of next year.
when a deflation occurs from other than debt causes and without any great volume of debt, the resulting evils are much less.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston identified "two important conditions precedent to the laying of enduring foundations for the future stability of business, namely, liquidation and deflation ...
The ECB is scheduled to review its policy next week, with the deflation news increasing the chances that more action will be taken to get inflation back up towards the target.
When later asked whether such statement may be taken as hasty judgment on deflation, Abe said Japan has still not completely conquered deflation.
With deflation, as cash sits in your wallet, it becomes more valuable.
Q: What is deflation? A: Inflation is how much the prices of goods and services are rising.
Economists say Macedonia is not yet threatened by deflation yet authorities have to be on alert.
Analysts also said that factory deflation remains a big worry.