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The rupture of a breast implant, which is abrupt, obvious and harmless with saline, and slower, less obvious and fibrosing (scarring) with silicone
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The Qatar National Bank (QNB) had already warned last August that declining global food prices could increase the risk of global deflation.
In the context of the Eurozone, deflation would also be a big problem for the heavily indebted peripheral states which would see their borrowing costs increase and their tax revenues reduced.
It also puts inflation into what economists generally consider to be the danger zone, which necessitates resorting to aggressive policy action to forestall the risk of outright deflation.
Despite the change in the phrase describing price developments, economic and fiscal policy minister Akira Amari warned at a press conference after the release of the report that Japan's economy is still "on the way to the end of deflation.
Three possible outcomes exist: deflation where prices fall and the real cost of borrowing goes up; reflation where prices stabilise and interest rates return to normal levels; and inflation where prices rise quickly and cause economic disruption, as central banks are forced to raise interest rates aggressively.
The premium amortization first reduces the qualified stated interest, and any remainder is treated as an additional deflation adjustment that reduces any inflation adjustment or increases any deflation adjustment.
However, if a person or company owns real assets, such as land, commodities or art, the value of these assets declines during periods of deflation.
Deflation in the world's top liquefied natural gas exporter has been easing gradually over the past months, reaching an annualised 2.
Deflation results in falling prices due to a rare contraction in the money supply.
us - the amount of deflation rhetoric in the mainstream media has been continuing to surge this week.
Summary: TORONTO, June 26, 2010, SPA -- Citing a risk of deflation, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the Group of 20 major and emerging economies should not rein in budget deficits too fast but coordinate policy to ensure a sustained economic recovery, Reuters reported.
New Senior Vice Finance Minister Motohisa Ikeda said Monday that he will make utmost efforts to pull Japan out of its longstanding deflation.