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The rupture of a breast implant, which is abrupt, obvious and harmless with saline, and slower, less obvious and fibrosing (scarring) with silicone
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The report predicts shop price deflation will move closer to zero at the turn of the year and "could even move into inflationary territory" at some point during the first half of next year.
Obviously, there's still a lot of debt in America, which is why deflation is particularly scary.
The risk of deflation is rising for the world's second-largest economy as a property market downturn and widespread factory overcapacity have been compounded by an uncertain global outlook and falling commodity prices.
This weakness in wage growth suggests that expectations about future deflation are already affecting wage setting behaviour.
While this is still within the normal volatility range, it suggests that equity markets are also pricing in the impact of deflation on global growth.
New Zealand has not seen more than a quarter of deflation since the 1930s Great Depression.
Deflation, the opposite of inflation, is defined as an increase in the over-all price level over a period of time.
Deflation is defined as a generalized decline in prices.
Historically low levels of inflation are triggering concerns that Korea may face a deflation crisis similar to the one that haunted Japan for two decades.
Unfortunately, that has led to a relative neglect of deflation in the Austrian literature.
The deflation since the beginning of the year is 0.