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Chapters describe the techniques, skills and drills used by professional tennis players in their training sessions, as well as strategies for raising power, control, and defensive skills, recommended exercises, and solid tennis strategies, such as faking a net approach to throw off the opponent or using a "shuffle step" to reach tennis balls nearby.
My answer was yes, and since we believed that defense has a greater affect than offense on the outcome of games, we created a 5-on-4 Scramble as a competitive and fun game that would reinforce the defensive skills learned from the traditional Shell Drill.
While it is utterly required that one strive for and attain defensive skills with his or her arms, at times it is best to take up a solid defensive position and call in reinforcements.
During spring training, 19-year-old Desmond caused such excitement with his sharp defensive skills that Nationals general manager Jim Bowden crowed to the Washington Post, "He reminds me of Derek Jeter, except those were Ian Desmond plays, not Derek Jeter plays.
``I am afraid we have never had the players together long enough to work on any subtleties, so we have concentrated on the basics, like developing handling and defensive skills.
It's about testing your defensive skills, not seeing who has the best skills, not seeing who has the best equipment.
By halime neither side had dominated, but Edgbaston distinguished with impressive defensive skills. Anthony Straw eventually secured victory.
The defensive skills of the Chinese players were, however, sharp on the day as they deprived the French players of any goal till the first half of the match.
Barriga displayed the defensive skills that earned him the nickname Pinoy Mayweather.
Alvarez nailed 20 kills for 21 points and also flashed impressive defensive skills with 13 digs and eight receptions.
Shaughnessy, who arrived at McDiarmid Park after the striker headed for Sheffield Wednesday three years ago, is expecting nothing but a tough examination of his defensive skills.
Molina said her power, defensive skills and motivation will be her contribution to the team that will also be bolstered with seven foreign players in the Oct.