Defensive Innovation

A stance taken by manufacturers or providers of health care services or products, in which research funds shift from advancing medical science to that of anticipating lawsuits
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In the next sentence, how ever, the IAEA said, "Eventually, according to the information, a new organization known as the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research .
Much of the Coatings Industry's R&D spend is going toward defensive innovation, focusing resources on complying with regulations rather than creating new applications or functionality for coatings.
Abrichamtchi said Iran's Organisation of Defensive Innovation and Research handled Iran's sensitive nuclear activity and also managed the new facility.
The IAEA believes that Fakhrizadeh secretly opened SPND, meaning, in Persian, the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research, in 2011 and that elements of Iran's nuclear-arms research, which they thought were shelved in 2003 and which also have civilian applications, may be taking place there, the report said.
One country had told the IAEA he now heads the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research.
Conversely, imports for the high-skill sector group remained static between 1978 and 1986 - perhaps indicating that defensive innovation succeeded in reducing import competition from LWCs in this sector (however, the relatively high import share of LWCs in this high-skill sector suggests that the degree of low-wage country competition may be sufficient to be a plausible cause of defensive innovation).
The introduction of defensive innovation increases considerably the effect of North-South trade on the relative demand for unskilled Northern labour, doubling his initial estimates (Wood, 1994, ch.
motives of innovations: adaptive innovations (new financial products that seek to get respond to new trends), aggressive innovations, defensive innovations (innovations induced in sectors adversely affected by openness that might offset part of the comparative advantage), protective innovations and responsive innovations
Yet another reason for creating and implementing financial innovations is connected with the unfavorable tax regulations, forcing the market participants to search for the solutions enabling them to avoid paying too high taxes--for example by using defensive innovations (e.