Deepest Pockets

A popular term referring to the party responsible for paying an injured plaintiff, when multiple parties—e.g., the physician(s), health care facility, manufacturer of an allegedly defective device, or dangerous or teratogenic drug—are named in a successful lawsuit; the party with the ‘deepest pockets’ generally pays the most
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So, governor, pull together the brightest minds and the deepest pockets from across the Midwest this is a regional, not a state-limited matter to look ahead, clarify our reason for being, and focus resources.
Now the prime minister chauffeurs around visiting Arab princes, or dishes out the highest national civil awards to Gulf emirs with the deepest pockets, or relaxes hunting laws for houbara bustards, or doles out land and contracts to Chinese companies without accountability.
"Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and I firmly believe these innovations should be available to companies of all sizes, not just the ones with the deepest pockets."
Collectors with all but the deepest pockets will be more than satisfied by mid to late 19th century examples, which turn up from time to time in the saleroom.
The 2049 bonds for 30 years are expected to be dual-listed on both the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Taipei Stock Exchange to ensure access to the deepest pockets of liquidity available through these markets, the statement said.
They've got the deepest pockets of any team involved, and they've yet to spend the "stupid" money they are willing to offer.
And, it will be detrimental to competition as new capacity would only be available to those airlines with the deepest pockets. "By all means, let's make the WSG work better.
And we should review the rules so polls are not open to possible abuse from those with the deepest pockets.
Indeed for the deepest pockets there's an even dearer temptation.
The award-winning French restaurant has launched a great lunch menu that makes it a little more accessible for those who don't have the deepest pockets.
Yes, that would favor the deepest pockets, but it benefits the government that will have to regulate the industry perpetually.
It essentially allows criminals to conduct illegal activities in the deepest pockets of the Internet, undetected.