deep palmar branch of ulnar artery

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deep pal·mar branch of ul·nar ar·ter·y

branch of the ulnar artery that supplies the hypothenar muscles then passes into the palm deep to the long flexor tendons and anastomoses with the deep palmar arch from the radial artery.
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It is formed mainly by terminal part of the radial artery, and is completed medially at the base of the fifth metacarpal bone by the deep palmar branch of the ulnar artery. This arch lies a finger's breadth proximal to the superficial palmar arch.
In the most distal aspect of this zone, the radial artery divides into four branches which anastomose with similar branches of the ulnar artery, providing the vascularization of the hand: (1) the carpal palmar branch anastomoses with a similar branch of the ulnar artery; (2) the superficial palmar branch, which together with the main trunk of the ulnar artery, forms the superficial palmar arch, that gives the four common digital palmar arteries, (3) the dorsal carpal branch, with a similar ulnar branch, forms the dorsal carpal arch that gives rise to the dorsal metacarpal arteries, and (4) the termination of the RA itself anastomoses with the deep palmar branch of the ulnar artery to form the deep palmar arch.

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