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Abbreviation for dry powder inhaler.
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A gene on chromosome 6pter-p21 that encodes desmoplakin, an obligate component of functional desmosomes that anchors intermediate filaments to desmosomal plaques. Desmoplakin’s N-terminus is required for localisation to the desmosome and interacts with the N-terminal region of plakophilin 1 and plakoglobin. The C-terminus binds with intermediate filaments.

Molecular pathology
DSP mutations cause several cardiomyopathies, keratodermas and paraneoplastic pemphigus.
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dry powder inhaler



An inhaler that administers tiny particles of medication to the airways. Dry powder inhalers are used to treat diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease.
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There are various factors affecting the global Deep Packet Inspection Market over the assessment period, as per the MRFR report.
But deep packet inspection is not reliable enough for internet service providers to use it to discriminate between types of traffic.
Attain a higher level of security with deep packet inspection on all traffic including encrypted SSL connections.
The software is an anomaly detection and configurable content capture solution which uses deep packet inspection to detect web-based malware.
GENBAND, a developer of IP solutions and services, announced it has signed an OEM agreement with Procera Networks Inc., a developer of evolved Deep Packet Inspection or DPI solutions, under which GENBAND will incorporate Procera s PacketLogic DPI technology into GENBAND s portfolio and enable further innovation with GENBAND s current and future products.
The BLC 6316 OLT switches traffic at a multi-gigabit-per-second rate, performs deep packet inspection to manage 2,048 traffic streams, and delivers QoS, security and multicast management.
in the "Leaders" quadrant of the "Magic Quadrant for SMB Multifunction Firewalls." (i) SonicWALL's family of network security appliances combine robust security services with high-speed deep packet inspection to provide small and mid-size organizations the best protection currently available.
Sennhauser says that this type of traffic shaping practice is the most common one used by governments today, as "it is not too resource intensive and is fairly easy to set up." <p>Shallow Packet Inspection<p>Shallow packet inspection is basically a blunter, broader version of the deep packet inspection (DPI) technique that is used to block packets based on their content.
The Clean Wireless solution SonicOS 5.2 scans all wireless traffic using SonicWall's reassembly-free deep packet inspection patented technology, delivering comprehensive protection from viruses, spyware and other malicious network threats on the wireless network by scrutinizing wireless traffic with the same intensity as wired traffic, he added.
When operating with the Qosmos Information Extraction solution, deep packet inspection engines in Allot's NetEnforcer and Service Gateway platforms identify the VoIP traffic (signaling and media flows), and redirect this traffic to the Qosmos probes, improving overall system performance.
Arup confirmed Aruba was able to provide the deep packet inspection firewall, central management and overall flexibility needed, without loss to security.

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