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Abbreviation for dry powder inhaler.


A gene on chromosome 6pter-p21 that encodes desmoplakin, an obligate component of functional desmosomes that anchors intermediate filaments to desmosomal plaques. Desmoplakin’s N-terminus is required for localisation to the desmosome and interacts with the N-terminal region of plakophilin 1 and plakoglobin. The C-terminus binds with intermediate filaments.

Molecular pathology
DSP mutations cause several cardiomyopathies, keratodermas and paraneoplastic pemphigus.

dry powder inhaler



An inhaler that administers tiny particles of medication to the airways. Dry powder inhalers are used to treat diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease.


dots per inch, a measure of the density, and therefore the clarity, of print of each character.
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Rapid increase in deep packet inspection product functionalities will be a key trend for market growth.
One of the ways of implementing such a Deep Packet Inspection system is to use Deep Packet Capture technology.
Deep Packet Inspection systems can be used to extract the relevant information from Ethernet and the protocols encapsulated by Ethernet, such as IP, TCP and UDP, which can then be used to manage networks, services and billing, Napatech said.
The scalable multi-core architecture of the NSA E7500 provides gigabit-scale deep packet inspection throughput with multiple layers of protection.
With its ability to perform deep packet inspection and operation, intelligent switches can keep track of various usage statistics as well as enforce quality of service as per the service level agreements.
The data loss/leak prevention and management is one of the fastest-growing application based on deep packet inspection technology.
Chapter 5 Global Deep Packet Inspection Market, By End User Segments (2012 - 2018)
In addition to exhibiting, Robert Truesdell, a senior engineer at the company, will present "Evolving x86-Based Architectures for 40 Gbps Deep Packet Inspection Designs.
Featured demonstrations will include 40 Gbps line-rate deep packet inspection, 100 Gbps intrusion prevention systems and 10 Gbps inspection of encrypted communications.
a network solutions company, today announced the availability the Ultra Packet Processor, an ultra high speed deep packet inspection engine with broad applicability in protocol analysis and pattern recognition.

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