deep layer

deep lay·er

in a stratified structure, the stratum that lies beneath all others, farthest from the surface. See: deep layer of levator palpebrae superioris, deep layer of temporal fascia.
Synonym(s): lamina profunda [TA], deep lamina
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References in classic literature ?
Along the tops of the bars were deep layers of dust--a further indication that the passage had lain long unused.
With war spears they loosened the thick, black loam and the deep layers of rotting vegetation.
Pharos Research view that EKH has two options to de-risk the exploration process and maximize value, first(Fast track), that the company can make a partial exit from ONS then use the proceeds to drill an exploratory well in the deep layer.
Never add a deep layer of soil over tree roots to create a new bed.
It added that the deep layer known as the "Pre-Messinian" where there is gas and condensates, includes an average of native gas reached 1531 billion feet of gas, in addition to 122 million barrels of condensates.
Check it the next day; if there's a deep layer of lees, rack and filter the wine.
Solid needles are used to deposit ink into the deep layer of the skin.
Inside that deep layer, it detected a range of frequencies that the scientists hope to match with pictures and DNA to create an auditory dictionary of twilight zone inhabitants.
The Wenner four-probe method and Magnetotelluric method are adopted to measure the soil resistivity in the shallow layer (0-1 000 m) and the deep layer (1 000 m-[infinity]), respectively, and the measured results are shown in Table 1.
On average Taiwan receives 2 - 3 magnitude 6.0 and higher earthquakes a year although they often occur in a deep layer of the earth or offshore so we do not feel them as strongly, according to UDN.
Assistant curator Jay Haywood, said: "We make sure we always keep a deep layer of gravel in the giraffe paddock so it keeps their hooves in a good condition.
The superficial layer comprises of labial dermis and nasal mucosa, the deep layer of oral vestibule and palatal mucosal layer along with the adjoining muscles.