Deep Fry

A flippant term for cobalt therapy
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"Look at the state of the stupid Scots who have to deep fry everything before they can eat it," was the general concensus.
Deep fry the marinated chicken pieces until they turn golden brown.
Head chef Eduardo de Pena said: "We basically took a Christmas dinner and thought: 'Why not deep fry it?' "They've been selling out every day.
* Once the chicken is well marinated deep fry the pieces till golden brown.
Roll the wings in the cornflour mixture and then deep fry for five minutes until golden brown.
They deep fry it to cook the inside, and re-fry it from the outside to make it crispy.
Dip'em in the mustard mixture, then roll in the corn breading, and deep fry in peanut oil.
is pleased to announce that it is offering another special two day promotion of a free download of its newest book on the Amazon Kindle platform titled Turkey Fryers & Deep Fried Turkey: How To Deep Fry A Turkey- Complete Step By Step Instructions To Cooking Your Tastiest Turkey Ever!
"A lot of folk love a slice of it with their fry-up, so it's not such a leap to dip it in batter and deep fry it."
Deep fry about 16 pieces at a time until all are brown for about 2-3 minutes.
"They bring their chocolate eggs into the shop and we deep fry them in a crispy batter for five pence." She has experimented with other sweets in the past, battering and frying confectionery ranging from Mars Bars to Crunchies - but she reckons the warm eggs have sizzled to No1 in popularity.