record linkage

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rec·ord link·age

a method of assembling the information contained in two or more sets of medical records, or a set of medical records and vital records such as birth or death certificates, and a procedure to ensure that each person's records are counted only once; facilitated by a unique numbering system such as the Hogben number to identify people with precision.
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Fundamental to the engine are three characteristics necessary to provide 5x or more data reduction on high-speed network traffic: distributed processing; massively parallel design; and dedupe performed in programmable logic.
Direct comparisons between the cost of hardware and software dedupe are not always easy for those without experience and the channel can add significant value here.
For more than 23 years, Melissa Data has empowered direct marketers, developers and database professionals with tools to validate, standardize, dedupe, geocode and enrich contact data for custom, Web and enterprise data applications.
According to the company, the new Nexsan DeDupe SG (Speed with Green) product family, based on Nexsan's power-efficient storage systems and the FalconStor File-interface Deduplication System (FDS) software, will be delivered by Nexsan through its worldwide network of channel partners.
15% Improved dedupe and merge/purge capabilities to eliminate bad addresses and duplicates
The system was upgraded with Universal Dedupe Transfer that eliminates the need to transfer deduplicated data blocks from applications to HYDRAstor to reduce bandwidth use.
Before you launch another campaign, find out how AcquireLists can help you clean, standardize and dedupe your existing CRM databases, or even merge multiple marketing databases together.
Quantum resells both its tape libraries and dedupe software through EMC, sales that amount to less than 10% of its revenue.
Examining performance improvements of the solution, the publication cited a number of enhancements, including a “400% improvement in throughput over previous versions, support for 10 Gbps local-area network (LAN) interfaces, and data read/write acceleration with multi-threaded data dedupe, parallel processing for read I/O and data throughput, multiple overlapped I/O and delta differencing.
Many IT shops are seeing storage reductions of 50% to 60% with dedupe, which eliminates duplicate copies of stored objects and files, he said.