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A proposal stating that the peer review process for a scientific manuscript should be separated conceptually from its publication in a peer-reviewed journal, to decrease costs associated with publishing manuscripts in highly-specialized, low-volume journals
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and mainland China, both the pro-American power and the pro-independence power in Taiwan will not hesitate to use the decoupling strategy to advance mainland China-Taiwan relations to their advantage and even escalate the situation for their benefit.
In case of TITO plants, the perfect decoupling seems to be quite easy to solve by using some easy-to-calculate pre-compensators.
Thus, the model presented in this paper suggests that decoupling from the newly instituted or adopted regulations is more dynamic than previously thought.
Once they understand decoupling, I hope they will realize that while they can respond in countless ways, there are only two major avenues of effective response: recoupling what disruptors have broken or preemptively decoupling before they lose the most valuable portions of the customer value chain.
(3) Negative decoupling: it represents the case when the growth rate of tourism-related C[O.sub.2] emissions is greater than that of the tourism economy.
Moreover, by designing the fuzzy decoupling observer, estimated values of the disturbance terms can be obtained based on the input and output information.
1) Decoupling de independencia: correlacao entre indicadores de paises emergentes e desenvolvidos igual a 0;
These components are determined in block of decoupling DEC (Fig.
Decoupling Index Model Based on Empirical Data of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.
A decoupling coating lessens the sound radiation by reducing vibration transfer from the resonant structure to the fluid via vibration isolation.