decompression illness

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decompression illness

Aeroembolism due to an excessively rapid ascent to the surface by a deep-sea diver. Synonym: bends; caisson disease; Synonym: diver's palsy See: aeroembolism


Affected patients should be transported to specialized treatment centers where recompression or hyperbaric chambers are available.

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Decompression illness secondary to occupational diving: recommended management based current legislation and practice in Malaysia.
Mr Lowe, an IT specialist from Selby, was treated for decompression illness and discharged on Sunday evening.
The therapy is used to treat a number of diseases including decompression illness from diving, air or gas embolisms and carbon monoxide poisoning.
It is used to treat divers suffering decompression illness (also known as the bends ); promote wound healing; and treat radiation tissue damage and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Another term you may hear is DCI or decompression illness and includes both, DCS and air embolism.