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heterophoria in which there is deviation of the visual axis of one eye from the anteroposterior axis in the absence of visual fusional stimuli.


/dec·li·na·tion/ (dek″lĭ-na´shun) cyclophoria.


A bending, sloping, or other deviation from a normal vertical position.
[L. declinatio, a bending aside]

Patient discussion about declination

Q. what can be the reasons my hearing capability decline? i am 30 years old ... and i'm in great shape , don't have chronic health issues , never had . but recently i found my self "missing" parts while my friends are speaking to me , and it is not just that , i feel like my hearing capability decline rapidly for the last few months , what can it be ? and what should i do ?

A. There are many possible reasons for hearing loss. It can be due to a simple ear-wax plug, that can be easy taken out by a Ear-Nose-Throat specialist. It can also be due to a chronic middle ear infection, or gradual hearing damage due to loud noise. Either way you should see a doctor that can refer you to further evaluation tests.

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If you can't handle that much weight, the mount has a very clever dovetail with a tool-free design that allows you to separate the head into two pieces, with the RA portion weighing 26 pounds, and the declination section and top plate weighing just about 18 pounds.
The load profile of a pumping system for a certain part of a district heating system should be taken into account in order to analyze the consumption of electrical energy if the certain declination of pump proportional pressure control curve is used (Figure 3).
41 changes the definition of which authorized companies one can get a declination form, and requires that all affidavits must be in the possession of the excess line broker before coverage can be placed.
Declination is the angle from the celestial equator moving away from it at right angles with + to the north and--to the south.
However, computation of this so-called magnetic declination was never completed.
A very interesting way to check the day-counting of De Veer's journal is provided by the declinations of the sun that are quoted in connection with altitude determinations.
Their declinations are some distance apart--approximately 46 |degrees~ and 38 |degrees~ north, respectively.
More specifically, the benefits to an organization that voluntarily discloses, fully cooperates, and timely and appropriately remediates may include: (1) up to a 50% reduction off the bottom end of the Sentencing Guidelines fines range if a fine is sought, (2) no appointment of a monitor if the company has an effective compliance program at the time of resolution, or (3) a declination of prosecution.
The second amendment to Regulation 41 established a list of coverages, commonly referred to collectively as the "Export List", which may be placed by excess line brokers with unauthorized insurers without first having to obtain the requisite number of declinations from authorized insurers.
On the page below every chart is a brief description of selected objects; their right ascensions and declinations are listed separately in an appendix.
North declinations are positive, south declinations negative.