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heterophoria in which there is deviation of the visual axis of one eye from the anteroposterior axis in the absence of visual fusional stimuli.
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A bending, sloping, or other deviation from a normal vertical position.
[L. declinatio, a bending aside]
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Q. what can be the reasons my hearing capability decline? i am 30 years old ... and i'm in great shape , don't have chronic health issues , never had . but recently i found my self "missing" parts while my friends are speaking to me , and it is not just that , i feel like my hearing capability decline rapidly for the last few months , what can it be ? and what should i do ?

A. There are many possible reasons for hearing loss. It can be due to a simple ear-wax plug, that can be easy taken out by a Ear-Nose-Throat specialist. It can also be due to a chronic middle ear infection, or gradual hearing damage due to loud noise. Either way you should see a doctor that can refer you to further evaluation tests.

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Based on the wording and intent of such laws, there are certain criteria all claim declination and reservation of rights letters should and should not include.
This was accomplished by increasing the diameter of the RA and declination shafts to 3.15 inches and the bearings to 3.94 inches.
Equation 6 can be used as a tool for evaluation of the potential reduction of heating water leakage of the existing leakage rate in the piping system at different declinations of pump proportional pressure control curves.
Commenting on the provision putting the number of required declinations at three, Bouhan said the legislation also gives the superintendent authority to adjust the number of declinations up or down from three, depending on the particular coverage.
The time from sunrise to the Sun's crossing of the meridian, and from the meridian to sunset depends on both the declination of the Sun (angular distance from the celestial equator) and the latitude of the observer.
The surplus lines bill currently before Congress would provide exemptions from state declination requirements for qualifying large municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, and commercial enterprises that request them.
Criss also used the declinations to correct some of the explorers' maps.
Now that we know the latitude accurately, we can re-analyze these observations, taking into account computer-calculated declinations, astronomical refraction, and horizon dip.
Voyages undertaken for exploration, settlement, or trade might also produce scientific knowledge as a side effect, as Columbus's first voyage did when he observed magnetic declination (see 1492), or Magellan's when the Magellanic Clouds were observed (see 1678).
Two stars exactly abdal are rarely found; approximately abdal stars with declinations not equal reduce the accuracy of the method, introducing successive drifts in the abdal star altitude change per unit change in Pole Star altitude as the observer's latitude position is raised or lowered.
The Saturnicentric declinations of Earth and Sun, and hence the tilts of the ring as seen from the Earth and the Sun would be different even if the plane of Saturn's orbit did coincide with the ecliptic.
The hearing is being held pursuant to Section 2118(b) (4) of the Insurance Law, which authorizes the Superintendent, after conducting a public hearing, to amend the number of declinations required to be obtained prior to making an excess line placement, with respect to popular coverages.