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Differences in individual ideologies affecting participation in decision-making process
Their experiences of the decision-making process clearly differed, perhaps because they were forced to deal with different normative systems than their native Swedish counterparts.
Niles, Erford, Hunt and Watts (1997) examined decision-making styles and career development in college students, and found that career assistance must be sensitive to students' preferences for gathering and analyzing data in the decision-making process.
The child welfare FGC brings together those affected by a situation of harm to children--parents, children, extended family members, other community supports or fictive kin, and professionals (such as therapists, school officials, the CPS social worker, and the conference coordinator/facilitator)--to provide the family group with all the pertinent information and engage them in a planning or decision-making process.
I had to let [the priests] know that while it may have happened unconsciously it was not helpful to the decision-making process.
The fact that Sarbanes-Oxley and the stock exchanges are requiring more independent directors, some of whom will serve on compensation committees, will create a more balanced decision-making process at public companies.
That makes the whole decision-making process on the farm better.
In sum, Appeals is taking a hard look at the settlement process in hopes of improving the quality of the decision-making process while making it more timely.
The authors present a 3-stage model--Prescreening, In-depth exploration, and Choice (PIG)--aimed at increasing the quality of the career decision-making process and its outcome.
And there's no better source of emotional solace and spiritual insight than a computer program such as LifePath, "which walks users through the same kind of decision-making process that business executives use.
To completely comprehend customer needs, vendors have to be aware of the buyers' decision-making process and the reasons they want to purchase from an ASP and not the vendor itself.

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