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An oligopeptide containing 10 amino acids.
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As a decapeptide hormone like GnRH, the first, second, third, 6th and 10th amino acid of Cetrorelix is different from the structure of GnRH.
The [Zn.sup.4+] metallopeptidase that removes the carboxy (C)-terminal dipeptide from decapeptide angiotensin I to generate the potent vasoconstrictor angiotensin II and inactivate the vasodilator bradykinin (Arg-Pro-Pro-Gly-Phe-Ser-Pro-Phe-Arg) or encephalitis [2].
Evidence for a repeating 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine-and hydroxyproline-containing decapeptide in the adhesive protein of the mussel, Mytilus edulis L.
It is a kind of synthetic decapeptide compound, which can promote pituitary inhibition of follicle estrogen FSH, luteinizing hormone LH release, inhibit pituitary secretion of gonadotropin, leading to ovarian hormone.
Exdean, "Isolation and amino acid sequence of caerulein, the active decapeptide of the skin of Hyla caerulea," Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, vol.
ACE is a peptidyl dipeptidase A and primarily cleaves a decapeptide (angiotensin-I) to an octapeptide (angiotensin-II) which is a potent vasoconstrictor.
ACE is a zinc-containing metallopeptidase that catalyzes the conversion of the angiotensin I-inactive decapeptide to angiotensin II-potent vasopressor octapeptide.
This enzyme then cleaves the dodecapeptide angiotensinogen (produced by the liver) into decapeptide angiotensin I.
Pharmachem offers a casein decapeptide ingredient that studies have shown helps combat the depleting effects of stress (mental stress, situational stress), provides mood stability, and also promotes more restful sleep.
We recently reported further GNRH1 mutations located in the region encoding the decapeptide which is the same region involved in earlier reported mutations (71).
Chewing gum of antimicrobial decapeptide (KSL) as a sustainedcantiplaque agent.