Suicide Pact

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An agreement to complete suicide by two or more individuals
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Police discovered the couple had put all their affairs in order - including what was to happen to their house - in preparation for their death pact.
ITV and the BBC appeared to be locked in some kind of death pact where each tried to outdo the other in commissioning utterly c*** sitcoms.
IRELAND'S first assisted-suicide took a bizarre twist yesterday when two American men admitted taking part in the death pact.
The tragedy happened at the family's home in Monageer, Co Wexford, last April and senior officers have said a death pact was one line of enquiry.
The pair made their death pact after meeting on suicide website Alternative Suicide Holidays.
Frankly, we thought the writing was on the wall when the annoying yet amusing Simon Amstell quit last March, taking Miquita Oliver with him in a "he goes, I go" style death pact.
SINISTER: Brady wields gun on 60s expedition' GRIM RETURN: Brady, centre, in bid to discover grave in 1987' LETTERS: Brady writes about death pact and hunger strike
Pop legend Paul revealed yesterday that he and the other Beatles had made a death pact.
George told the court in Detmold, near Hanover, that he and his 71-year- old wife Gerda had a death pact.
Trudi Hudson, 43, made a death pact with her eldest daughter Charlene, 18, while awaiting trial.