Suicide Pact

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An agreement to complete suicide by two or more individuals
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The stories range in theme and locations: brothers who make a death pact, a mother who doesn't return home, a disembodied voice in the forest, and more.
The death pact emerged after letters were found in Hartley's cell.
She is believed to be the sister he was referring to in an interview when he revealed that he had a "death pact" with one of his siblings.
ACHARITY last night warned of the dangers of the internet after police said they thought that two strangers had formed a death pact hours after making contact online.
Mrs Ainscow survived the death pact after being pulled from the sea but Mr Ainscow died.
Refugee lawyer Rob McDonald yesterday said 15 children, aged 12 to 17, originally joined the death pact. But some Iraqis at the Woomera detention centre in the desert of South Australia state had pulled out.
Cliff also told how he always invited his sisters to his home in Barbados for Christmas In 2011, the rocker revealed he and one of his sisters had formed a death pact after watching their mother Dorothy, die aged 87 following a 10-year battle with crippling dementia.
A suicide note found in his pocket said he needed to 'keep my half of the bargain' of a death pact he made with Nancy.
She is believed to be the sister referred to in an interview when he revealed that he had a "death pact" with one of his siblings.
But Mr Baker's brother Robert, who called at the couple's smallholding home one week before Christmas, said he believed there had been a death pact.
A suicide note may hold the key to the riddle of three young Britons' bizarre US death pact.