Suicide Pact

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An agreement to complete suicide by two or more individuals
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Pop legend Paul revealed yesterday that he and the other Beatles had made a death pact.
Frankly, we thought the writing was on the wall when the annoying yet amusing Simon Amstell quit last March, taking Miquita Oliver with him in a "he goes, I go" style death pact.
George told the court in Detmold, near Hanover, that he and his 71-year- old wife Gerda had a death pact.
SINISTER: Brady wields gun on 60s expedition' GRIM RETURN: Brady, centre, in bid to discover grave in 1987' LETTERS: Brady writes about death pact and hunger strike
Trudi Hudson, 43, made a death pact with her eldest daughter Charlene, 18, while awaiting trial.
A MAN and woman killed themselves in a bizarre death pact after linking up through a sickening suicide website.
THE mum of a death pact teenager told an inquest yesterday she was woken at 4.
POLICE are searching for a teenage girl who vanished with a sex pervert after agreeing a death pact.
A DEVOTED pensioner who killed his wife then fluffed his own suicide in a death pact walked free from court yesterday.
THE husband of animal rights campaigner Vicki Moore - who saved Blackie the donkey - has told for the first time of their death pact.
Malka, 22, claimed Kadamba was driven by demons and the couple had a death pact.
He told a court in Detmold, near Hanover, that he and 71-year-old Gerda had a death pact.