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death cer·ti·fi·cate

official, legal document and vital record, signed by a licensed physician or other designated authority, that includes cause of death, decedent's name, gender, place of residence, date of death; other information , for example, birth date, birth place, occupation may be included; the immediate cause of death is recorded on the first line of the certificate, followed by the condition(s) giving rise to this, with the underlying cause on the last line; the underlying cause is coded and tabulated in official publications of mortality.
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death certificate


A document in which the treating doctor certifies the cause of death and
(1) (pre-Shipman Inquiry) informed the registrar of births, marriages and deaths, or reported the case to the Coroner if the death was sudden or unnatural, or for any other reason the cause of death could not be certified;

(2) (post-Shipman Inquiry) informs the medical examiner, or reports the case to the Coroner if the death is sudden or unnatural, or for any other reason the cause of death cannot be certified.

The Harold Shipman case introduced independent medical scrutiny (medical examiner) into death certification in the UK.

A document in which a certifying physician formally states, to the best of his/her knowledge, the immediate, intermediate, and underlying cause(s) of death.

Death certificate
(1a) Direct or immediate cause of death (based on the balance of probability).
(1b) Predisposing factor that led to 1a (optional, but commonly put on the death certificate).
(1c) Predisposing factor that led to 1b (in practice, rarely put on the death certificate).
(2) Any other factor that indirectly contributed to death.
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death certificate

Health statistics A document in which a certifying physician formally states, to the best of his/her knowledge, the immediate, intermediate, and underlying cause(s) of death. Cf Unnatural death.
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The bereaved 48-year old said that while the enforcement officers were "lovely and compassionate" towards her, she still had to show them Barry's death certificate to prove she was telling the truth, which she said was an "awful" experience.
Oueidat agreed, noting that in her years of work, she had analyzed over 65,000 death certificates and witnessed "severe problems" in recording causes of death.
They then get a fake death certificate here (in Recto) so that the wife can file an insurance claim (in Japan),' Beran said.
Overall, the cause of death reported on 24%-65% of death certificates submitted by the reviewed hospitals did not agree with the conclusions reached by the chart reviewers: among hospitals studied, heart disease was incorrectly identified as the cause of death on 54.5%-85% of death certificates, renal disease on 0%-44%, and cancer on 0%-9% (Table 2).
Part 2 - Other Significant Conditions on the death certificate is for conditions that contribute to death but do not result in the underlying cause of death.
She said: "I just wanted the world to see it in black and white on that death certificate.
The policy changes stemmed from a ruling last week in which the federal judge ordered state officials to recognize the same-sex marriage of Conroe resident John Stone-Hoskins by naming him as the surviving spouse on the death certificate of his late husband, James.
There are four factors involved in the death certificate documentation process: (i) knowledge of the person who is in charge of issuing death certificates; (ii) the death certificate format; (iii) the characteristics of the deceased; and (iv) the causes of death (Maudsley & Williams 1994).
The death certificates will open the door to financial aid for the passengers' families and also allow any potential lawsuits against the airline to begin, The Daily Mirror reports.
These numbers are based on what is reported on death certificates. "Alzheimer's disease and other dementias are under-reported on death certificates and medical records," said study author Bryan D.
To evaluate usefulness of an automated influenza death reporting system during and after the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) pandemic, we investigated all death certificates in Los Angeles County, California, USA, on which influenza was listed as a direct or indirect cause of death from August 2009 through April 2012.
Death certificates should say whether the deceased smoked cigarettes, researchers have said.