Valley of Death

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A popular term for the period between the awarding of a patent and putting the device into production
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Instead, these '49ers blundered into Death Valley, where they wandered lost and near death for days.
The Death Valley Chipotle[TM] flavor is inspired by the fiery, dry heat of its desert namesake.
120deg How hot it is expected to get in Death Valley, California, tomorrow
Starting way out in the depths of Death Valley National Park, the cycle route initially took us even further from civilization, cycling through ghost towns and areas of alien activity, with Area 51 very close by.
From his years in showbiz, he knew how to lie and there were plenty of holes in the ground in a place like Death Valley.
Alicia Sanchez, 28, and her son Carlos were in a Jeep that got stuck in sand in a remote part of Death Valley National Park in California.
Plucky Virginia Roberts, 39, of Thongsbridge, is to ride 263 miles across Death Valley in California - one of the hottest and driest regions on Earth.
The entrapment worked and Mike York drove around Death Valley for three days on a goose chase.
The plan was for an Edwards pilot to fly me over the R-2508 airspace, a massive military testing and training flight area covering much of eastern and central California, including the Sierra Nevada mountain range and Death Valley National Park.
His feat in California's Death Valley, where the summer temperature rarely drops below 120F, will raise cash for a charity which locates and destroys landmines.
Marta Becket's dance journey began in 1942 at the Bronx Hula Hut and has entered its final act in the Death Valley desert, where she dances nightly, audience or not, before a mural of viewers she painted inside her opera house.
A welsh television producer who lost a leg when he stepped on a landmine in Iraq is to tackle a marathon cycle ride through Death Valley to help other victims.