Valley of Death

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A popular term for the period between the awarding of a patent and putting the device into production
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While the number of Chontos' burros is dwindling--she now has about 200, the majority rescued from Death Valley --their wild brethren in the park are flourishing.
The fact that the Atacama Desert and Death Valley National Park both gave spectacular displays of colour within six months of each other is no coincidence.
It also holds the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley at 57.
Alicia told rescuers Carlos died on Wednesday - five days after she fixed a flat tyre and continued into Death Valley.
HOT WHEELS: Virginia gets fit for her Death Valley ordeal (S); CHALLENGE: Virginia Roberts with landmine posters
Philip Pearce-Smith, the unit's honorary executive officer, said: 'We were on our way to a rally in Colorado when we diverted to Death Valley.
A welsh television producer who lost a leg when he stepped on a landmine in Iraq is to tackle a marathon cycle ride through Death Valley to help other victims.
Illustrated with 65 original computer-generated topographic maps, Hiking Death Valley offers 280 hiking or driving destinations, paths ranging from simple day hikes to multiple-day treks, eight desert ranges, distance and elevation tables for all routes, geology, flora, and fauna information, advice for desert hiking, and much more.
A sampling: Death Valley Chili; Triple Crown Curry Couscous; Oasis Fruit Bars; Vegan Super Hero Burritos; Cheese Coins; Taconic Mountain Cheesy Rice; Switchback Smoothie; Ginger Kick Bread; Wild Berry Fruit Leather; Cloudy Mountain Latte; and White Bear Mocha.
With summer temperatures reaching 120[degrees] and some years with no rain, Death Valley is considered North America's hottest and driest spot.
This invitational race was held July 22-24, starting in Death Valley (elev.