Death Grip

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A cadaveric spasm described as an instantaneous tightening of the hand or other body part at the time of death, the mechanism of which is unexplained
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"I know Thou art great, and that it is a sin to ask this of Thee, but for God's sake do let the old wolf come my way and let Karay spring at it- in sight of 'Uncle' who is watching from over there- and seize it by the throat in a death grip!" A thousand times during that half-hour Rostov cast eager and restless glances over the edge of the wood, with the two scraggy oaks rising above the aspen undergrowth and the gully with its water-worn side and "Uncle's" cap just visible above the bush on his right.
The quirky comedy grabs you in a death grip and refuses to let go, offering welcome comic relief in between scenes of tears aplenty.
A good light let off that doesn't need a death grip goes a long way to keep us shooting straight.
California was in the death grip of a drought when endurance athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson set out to hike the 2,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail faster than any other hiker ever had.
Instead, the book argues that we need to overturn the death grip of decaying orthodoxies and assumptions that hold back societal adaptation and human advancement.
Does China and Singapore have a huge secret or death grip that forced Najib and BN to accede to their demands?'
We have a local Antioch man in Grayson "Kash" Jackson, and all we need to do to rescue Illinois from the death grip of Madigan and company is to vote him in.
But his latest - and largest - which features a huge Darth Vader performing a 'death grip', was chosen after a chance meeting with a tattoo artist James Creighton, who was looking for a guinea pig to take part in a special 'Star Wars' themed event.
We are aware of the market speculation regarding a rival bid by Apollo and we are confident that other potential buyers are waiting in the wings to kick the tires - but we do not see any possibility of an alternative bid materializing unless and until the lame duck board and the lame duck CEO relinquish their death grip on Xerox.
For his part, Mattis put a death grip on ISIS and works diligently to restore military funding lost during budget sequestration a few years ago.
You do not need a death grip on the file--it only fatigues your hands.