Deadly Triad

Neurology Mitochondria, calcium and cell death: a deadly triad in neurodegeneration.
Social medicine The three legs of successful bullying
(1) Bullies who terrorise
(2) Bullied people who are afraid to do anything, or who do not know what to do; and
(3) Bystanders who watch, participate, or look away, and dismiss the bullying as a normal part of life
Trauma surgery Three manifestations of significant physiologic exhaustion (deranged physiology)—hypothermia, metabolic acidosis, and coagulopathy—which are increasingly common as advanced emergency care in the form of resuscitation and surgery allows acutely injured patients to survive the initial trauma caused by MVAs/RTAs and gunshot and knife wounds. The triad is best addressed by 'damage control' in which the immediate threats to life are addressed surgically, the patient is stabilised in intensive care, and is then returned to surgery for definitive reconstruction
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The deadly triad of poverty, unemployment and economic inequality is a catalyst for social tensions in any society.
This leads to widening health inequalities and social costs due to the deadly triad of inactivity, obesity and unhappiness.
This time, the dynamic duo becomes embroiled with a deadly Triad gang in the heart of Paris.