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Body-building One of three power lifting exercises—along with the squat and bench press—in which one lifts a loaded barbell off the ground from a stabilized, bent-over position
World record, two handed deadlift 498.9 kg (1100 lbs), Benedikt Magnússon
World record, one handed deadlift 333.2 kg (734.5 lbs), Hermann Goerner
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He added: "The deadlift was still very much in doubt as this requires much strength from the leg muscles and knees.
The powerlifter lifted an aggregate weight of 280kg; 115kg during squat, 55kg during bench press, 110kg during deadlift.
Earlier this week, the "Modern Family" star shared a clip of herself doing deadlift in the gym on (https://www.
Fergal O'Brien He also has the record for the heaviest deadlift in one minute, 5,520 kg.
In a qualifier for the world championships, she set a new British record with a combined score of 42 stone, 7lbs in three disciplines - bench press, back squat and deadlift.
Powerlifting has the deadlift, squat and bench press, none lifted directly overhead.
Strength was determined using 1-repetition-maximum (1RM) testing in the barbell back squat, bench press (BP) and deadlift exercises.
2016a), and consisted of an overhead squat, double lunge (both left and right leg), single leg Romanian deadlift (both left and right leg), and a push up, resulting in six movement criterions.
The 25-year-old from Skelmanthorpe can deadlift up to 275kgs, the equivalent weight of three average grown men combined.
A deadlift is a weight training exercise in which a loaded barbell is lifted off the ground to the hips, then lowered back to the ground.
They kicked off by winning the 200kg overhead log press and 500kg axle deadlift and followed up with a medley triumph - Lane carrying a brace of 125kg farmer's walks down a 20m-course and Clark returning with a 320 kg yoke to complete the run in 21.
There were 40 elite class powerlifting volunteers who were chosen from four different cities of Punjab and their lifting best total of squat, bench press and deadlift along with serum calcidiol level measured at pre test level.