Deadbeat Dad

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A popular term for a divorced father who does not pay child support, although he is mandated to do so by the civil court
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(70) For example, if Deadbeat Dad lives in Missouri, the consent must be executed in conformity with Missouri state law.
The 45-second recorded message accuses Forster of being a "deadbeat dad."
Based on some of your comments and your reference to the employee as a "deadbeat dad," it sounds as if you might also need to be reminded that it is illegal employment discrimination to treat an employee differently because his wages are being garnished, regardless of the reason behind the garnishment order.
The Deadbeat Dad website can be found at: Another Scot featured in its international section is Gerry Gallacher.
Buffenbarger has also accused United Airlines of acting like a 'deadbeat dad' during negotiations by "dodging its responsibility to employees with one bad excuse after another."
The child support system has historically failed to distinguish between the "deadbeat dad" and the "dead-broke" dad, says Jerry Hamilton, the manager of Children UpFront, a program of Goodwill Industries, which used to work with Racine's Children First program.
The subtitle for this handbook on tracking down negligent fathers is, "Tracking Down A Deadbeat Dad And Getting Child Support."
Department of Justice blamed this statistic on the lack of appropriation by Congress of funding to cover the cost of prosecuting the large numbers of offenders.(88) In fact, the first deadbeat dad was not convicted until November 1, 1995.(89) The U.S.
If your friend is a deadbeat dad, you must say something.
One pal said: "They try to portray him as a deadbeat dad but nothing could be further from the truth."
And this is what I and my children get in exchange, the deadbeat dad being put on the spotlight.)