Deadbeat Dad

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A popular term for a divorced father who does not pay child support, although he is mandated to do so by the civil court
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Louis chapter of the American Coalition for Fathers & Children (ACFC) are especially angered by what they feel is an unfair stereotype of the deadbeat dad.
But the actual percentage of wrongfully named default dads is certainly much lower, since these samples come largely from people with doubts about paternity (as opposed to real deadbeat dads, who have considerable reason to avoid a DNA test).
STRUGGLING single mum Kerry Simpson has blasted the deadbeat dad who has 16 kids by 14 women.
Deadbeat dad Frank is played to perfection by David Threlfall (left), the heart and soul of this thrillingly reinvigorated saga of life below the breadline.
Connolly noted that it was the Sheriff's Department that actually decided to stop all renditions, and that it has been a longstanding practice for the state police, working with the state Department of Revenue, to handle renditions in deadbeat dad cases.
Script never makes clear why the sisters would care about a deadbeat dad who abandoned them and their mothers, though Clara's white-haired lover (Gaston Troiano) and Betty's creepy older hubby (Fabio Ferrari) suggest an unexplored father fixation.
He has been, reports the Associated Press, "a burglar, a wife beater, and a deadbeat dad.
Lindsay is also going to learn some things about her deadbeat dad.
We have this image of the non-resident dad, and for some, that's the deadbeat dad," the New York Daily News quoted Pennsylvania State University sociologist and demographer Valarie King as telling USA Today.
Montana is separated from his wife Deen Kharbouch, who has accused the rapper of being a deadbeat dad to their four-year-old son, Kruz.
She froths on that I've reacted "as if he were a feckless, deadbeat dad off Benefits Street".