Deadbeat Dad

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A popular term for a divorced father who does not pay child support, although he is mandated to do so by the civil court
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Lou Rose and Roy Malone, authors of "Make The Jerk Pay: Tracking Down A Deadbeat Dad And Getting Child Support," make no apologies for the title of their handbook for tracking down offenders in child support cases.
See Deadbeat Dad inforcement, supra note 76 (indicating that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is eager to prosecute violators with larger incomes).
A criminal investigation into this deadbeat dad is clearly warranted.
But the actual percentage of wrongfully named default dads is certainly much lower, since these samples come largely from people with doubts about paternity (as opposed to real deadbeat dads, who have considerable reason to avoid a DNA test).
He has been, reports the Associated Press, "a burglar, a wife beater, and a deadbeat dad.
The child's mother had claimed that the child's father was a deadbeat dad.
We have this image of the non-resident dad, and for some, that's the deadbeat dad," the New York Daily News quoted Pennsylvania State University sociologist and demographer Valarie King as telling USA Today.
Deadbeat dad Frank Gallagher definitely won't be counting up the cards tomorrow in Shameless.
DEADBEAT dad Eddie Murphy has been voted the world's biggest love rat in a poll of 3000 women.
The deadbeat dad stereotype is a distortion and it perpetuates the many myths surrounding child support.
Certainly this isn't the first time that a man's athletic exploits have overshadowed an embarrassing record off the field, but his status as a deadbeat dad raises some questions: Why is this man playing football rather than trying to land a real job?
And son Destin, 17, says he will never forgive his deadbeat dad.