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Any paper-based printed material—e.g., newspapers, books, etc. In techie circles, it refers to documentation manuals
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As it began to get darker, we watched them as they jumped off the dead tree and walked off towards the lionesses and into the thick cover of shrubs and trees.
Among the most troubling information presented at the 2018 workshop was the huge increase in dead tree biomass.
Although some research has been conducted to understand the effects of savanna restoration on the resident bird species (Robinson, 1994; Davis et al., 2000; Grundel and Pavlovic, 2007; Au et al., 2008; Thompson et al., 2012), the role played by snags (standing dead trees) in influencing the savanna bird community (Johnston, 2007) has not been as widely studied as it has in western forests (Bergstrom, 1977; Scott, 1978; Scott and Whelan, 1978; Bagne et al., 2008).
Coun Lisa Parker, Rugby Borough Council portfolio holder for the environment and public realm, said: "The Alice in Wonderland tree sculpture was an innovative way of extending the life of a dead tree, but it's life was always going to be limited.
The dead tree sculpture was widely ridiculed when it was installed earlier this year, but the elephant in a Viking longboat and new seating areas have proved more popular.
Yet in the cold light of day, there is a simple explanation for the ghostly vision - a trick of the light reflecting off a dead tree.
not hearing the voices behind the guns telling you it was your turn to die your XO calling, " Gunner, TROOPS" but you knew it was coming and pulled the dying man on top of you feeling embarrassed un-heroic so you turned him over and laid upon him like a lover covering your blood with his and when it came the dead tree exploded filling air and bodies with dead tree then counting the seconds before the command to reload running across the fire of grease guns and RPGs the other skin and bone burning through your shirt something for doctors to separate after it was over after the shadows of the whirring blades drifting over the jungle canopy taking you to base camp and the other to die one mile closer to home.
Morpeth Town Council's Planning and Transport Committee has objected to plans, except the felling of one dead tree.
AN EXPERIENCED forestry worker who was killed when a dead tree fell on him had probably not seen it, an inquest jury heard yesterday.
/ I love the way a flower steps away / From a dead tree. / Broken glass is alive too, / In the colors.
Hemlocks can regenerate under a very dense forest canopy and can survive in the understory for decades waiting for a space to naturally open in the canopy by a fallen of dead tree. When given the opportunity, they will grow extremely quickly to claim their space alongside the dominant trees of the forest.