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Beginning with Dead Ringers, Cronenberg's films are explicitly about Eros and the strange paths it takes.
"Dead Ringers is keeping me on my toes and it's one of the reasons I've been keeping quiet about what's on the Christmas show," says McGowan.
Based on the book Twins - one of the most inept novels ever to see daylight Dead Ringers takes the crudely sensationalistic premise of the original and transforms it into a lyrical, sensuous and somewhat brooding fable.
DEAD Ringers star Jan Ravens hit a dead-end last night when she was booted off the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.
NOTHING is sacred on BBC2 comedy show Dead Ringers.
As the Prime Minister looks increasingly desperate, Dead Ringers must be delighted to be back.
Each galaxy emits about 10 times as much ultraviolet light as does the Milky Way, and they are "dead ringers" for the much more common, young, and massive galaxies found in the early universe, Heckman says.
Dead Ringers US Election Special BBC Two, 9pm The comedy team returns to take a refreshingly caustic and satirical look at the American political system.
Associate editor, Take One Atanarjuat Spider Jesus de montreal The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Dead Ringers Les Bons Debarras Leolo Les Triplettes de Belleville Post-Mortem Family Viewing
DEAD Ringers star Jon Culshaw has revealed his latest victim - - foul- mouthed Scots chef Gordon Ramsay.
For me, The Office Christmas Specials were the best programmes I watched throughout 2003 and I also enjoyed the impressions show Dead Ringers.