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It's the mad intensity that makes US politics so much fun,' explains Dead Ringers writer Nev Fountain.
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Dead Ringers is a mix of sketches and gentle digs at famous politicians and well-known celebrities - George Bush, Thora Hird, Russell Crowe and Anne Robinson are all in it.
Jamie said: "No doubt sheis pleased that Dead Ringers have seen fit to encapsulate her character, not from an egotistical view, but the fact she's giving someone a laugh.
The Dead Ringers have also become television favourites with their lampooning of politicians, celebrities and sports stars.
The TV star of BBC's Dead Ringers has been chosen to officially open the women's and children's Unit.
Kevin Connelly, star of the BBC series Dead Ringers, was guest speaker at the event and was auctioneer, with guests bidding for everything from a Bruce Oldfield jumper to a designer diamond ring.
Easily his best film since Dead Ringers (1988), Spider features some of the most accomplished acting ever seen in a Canadian film, including an absolutely riveting three-character performance by Miranda Richardson.
Now the team behind Dead Ringers are back on our screens, proving there's plenty of room on TV for another bunch of top impersonators.
No public figure is safe from the acutely accurate impressions of the Dead Ringers, as the stars of one of Radio 4's most popular topical hits TV screens.
Recording took place last week when Janet rubbed shoulders with dead ringers for Camilla Parker Bowles, Ali G and others.
HIT radio series Dead Ringers is to make an impression on TV after it was announced the show is lined up for BBC1.