DeBakey VAD

DeBakey VAD®

Cardiology A miniaturized ventricular assist device which provides ↑ blood flow in Pts with CHF
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Washington, Aug 18 (ANI): In a revolutionary surgery, cardiac surgeons at Heidelberg University Hospital for the first time implanted the HeartAssist 5 ventricular assist device, the modern version of the DeBakey VAD in July this year.
The DeBakey VAD was first developed in the 1990s in cooperation with NASA by Professor Michael DeBakey, the renowned American cardiac surgeon at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, who died in 2008 at the age of 99.
Jonathan Drummond-Webb, the heart team at Arkansas Children's Hospital performed the world's first successful heart transplant on a child--a 14-year-old Cabot boy--who first had a miniaturized heart pump known as the DeBakey VAD Child, a ventricular assist device.
The supplement changes the patient randomization scheme to a 2:1 ratio of MicroMed DeBakey VAD implants to Thoratec HeartMate XVE implants.
Under the new randomization scheme, 2 of every 3 patients who participate in the trial will be implanted with the DeBakey VAD. The company believes the new format will allow for a more rapid demonstration of the DeBakey VAD's value in comparison to traditional devices.
The company reports the MicroMed DeBakey VAD is smaller than any other LVAD currently on the market and has been implanted in 85 patients to date.