De Morgan

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De Mor·gan

Campbell, English physician, 1811-1876. See: De Morgan spots.
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"Return on September 2 to see the difference, and to view the range of new exhibits from the de Morgan Foundation.
Chapter 4's "New Horizons" are primarily Petrie's and de Morgan's rediscovery, beginning during the latter's directorship (1892-97), of the little-known Predynastic and Early Dynastic eras.
For the ceramic artist William De Morgan, Morris's follower, colleague and the subject of 'Sublime Symmetry', currently at the Guildhall Art Gallery, the 'beyond' seems to have been altogether more abstract, a world of shapes and patterns perceived through the study of mathematics.
This book looks to Victorian examples of self-denial and self-discipline in these virtues, examining the habits of British intellectuals across many disciplines--science, literature, religion, and philosophy--as relating to Charles Dickens, Augustus De Morgan, Adam Sedgewick, Edward White Benson, Samual Smiles, and many others.
Quand sur la derniere action du match, le centre de Valery Berezutsky a fini dans le but de Morgan De Sanctis, sans que personne ne le touche, les "Giallorossi" ont donc perdu gros.
El enfoque original de Morgan (1986) esta basado en una interpretacion cualitativa de imagenes y genera una variacion importante de sus significados en funcion de las motivaciones y percepciones de cada individuo.
Dressler was a member of the Art Workers' Guild from 1891-1918 and first set up a foundry in Chelsea where he fired bronzes for other sculptors, notably William De Morgan.