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Q How is daylighting related to sustainability and green design?
Principles three through five led CIE to suggest a renewed emphasis on architectural daylighting. Daylight is rich in the blue-green area of the visible spectrum (to which the newly-discovered cells are most sensitive) and bright at the times of day that seem most important to regulating circadian rhythms.
Daylighting has become the hottest topic in lighting today, as LEED and sustainable design make its use critically important in successful projects.
Using patented technology, a Solatube Daylighting System harvests daylight at the rooftop, transfers it down a highly reflective tube (which bends up to 90 degrees and can be up to 70 feet or more long) and distributes it evenly into an interior space through a diffuser at the ceiling.
The first part of the book reviews the economics of daylighting, daylighting and health, daylighting metrics, daylighting performance of sidewall windows, and systems performance.
This is the story of how the law of unintended consequences meets the law of diminishing returns and what they both mean for daylighting. Writing in the August 2014 issue of LD+A, Willard Warren noted that "...
Now facilities are taking the next step, incorporating daylighting into some nontraditional areas, including the surgical environment.
The event was intended to draw attention to the availability of daylighting, a strategy which could save tremendous amounts of money if practiced correctly.
Incorporation of daylighting technologies in both new buildings and renovations continues to increase, driven by energy standards, code requirements, and building energy rating metrics.