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Less than four months later, Jacobs changed his paper's name to the Day Star and began focusing on the Shakers.
It's a benefit for all the First Nations involved," said Lorraine Demarais, band administrator for Day Star. "For a small band like ours, being part of this has huge benefits."
This year, when Day Star Rising arrived at my house, I opened the box, saw the copy for the first time, and cried.
When Ward and I traveled to Washington last October to search for my family home and to visit our son, Ward III, we planned to spend a day during our trip with Louise Wallace, the author of GRIT'S books, The Longing of the Day, and our new release Day Star Rising just now arriving on our shelves.
But the Training Day star revealed to Flare magazine she takes pride in her appearance, adding: "It's an important part of my day, what I choose to wear and put out there in the world.
I've been getting to fire machine guns and watch men racing cars." Naomie is delighted to follow in the bikini-clad wake of Die Another Day star HALLE BERRY.
Foreverly Designer retro chic is taken to new lengths in this nice but pointless meeting of Green Day star Billie Joe Armstrong and jazz chanteuse Norah Jones in country folk heartland.
Wan fine day Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor takes a leisurely stroll with a pal after lunch in London restaurant Lemonia .
The Die Another Day star, 47, was delighted Oliver stayed by her side during the birth at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.
Young at Heart BBC2, 1.05pm Frank Sinatra and Doris Day star in this sentimental musical drama about the fortunes of three sisters besotted with a handsome composer.
GREEN Day star Billie Joe Armstrong's bandmates were scared for their friend's life when he went to rehab.
Why we are excited: More sci-fi from MenIn Black and Independence Day star Will Young.