day sight

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Decreased ability to see in reduced illumination. Seen in patients with impaired rod function; often associated with a deficiency of vitamin A.
[nyct- + G. alaos, obscure, + ōps, eye]

day sight


(sit) [AS. sihth]
1. The power or faculty of seeing.
2. Range of sight.
3. A thing or view seen. Synonym: vision; visual perception

blind sight

The ability to see that occurs in persons who are blind because of a brain lesion rather than damage to the eye. It is manifested by their being able to reach for and track an object. These individuals apparently do not know they can see.

day sight

Night blindness.

far sight


near sight


night sight

Day blindness.

old sight


second sight

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A $15 million contract was awarded to Premiere Reticles based in Winchester, Virginia, for the supply of day sights to replace the Unertl scopes that the marines had previously used and which were becoming increasingly temperamental in battlefield conditions.
The unit drops onto the existing day sight without any further adjustment.
The Tiger thermal sight for the medium range missile will have X1 magnification, with input and output aligned, and will clip over the day sight.
Commander's Gyro-Stabilised Sight: Panoramic day sight with laser rangefinder produced by SFIM(France).
Sometimes, her subjects and surroundings are day- to- day sights, not specific to a state or a locality.
The P380 with day sights and a satin finish slide, Kahr's best value, carries a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $649, complete with two magazines, a trigger lock and black plastic storage box.
The switches will enable an operator to obtain information from a number of different video sources such as thermal sights, image amplifiers, day sights and observation devices from the same display.
In this article we will limit the analysis to day sights, as entering the imaging intensification and thermal imaging arena would need an article on its own.