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James R., 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Dawson encephalitis.
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Dawson nevertheless protested against his presence in the room, but I could plainly remark the doctor was too much alarmed to make any serious resistance on this occasion.
Dawson's lips, and he stood for a moment, pale with anger and alarm--pale and perfectly speechless.
Dawson recovered himself, and addressed the Count with his customary firmness.
Dawson seemed to feel that silent contradiction to his assertion of his own ability, and to grow only the more angry under it.
Dawson could answer, before the Count could leave us, the door was opened from the sitting-room, and we saw Lady Glyde on the threshold.
Dawson. He would offer no opinion on Miss Halcombe's chances of recovery--he said it was impossible at that stage of the illness to pronounce one way or the other.
Dawson said, by the constant strain of her suspense on her sister's account) rallied in the most extraordinary manner, and showed a firmness and determination for which I should myself never have given her credit.
Dawson, now that his patient was safe, was less inclined than ever to submit to unprofessional interference, and the Count (I cannot imagine why) lost all the self-control which he had so judiciously preserved on former occasions, and taunted the doctor, over and over again, with his mistake about the fever when it changed to typhus.
Thessalon -- It was not a very Merry Christmas on Dawson Street in Thessalon.
After Lucas Dawson was arrested for fatally stabbing a teenager who attacked him because he is gay, a judge declared it self-defense and set him free on November 9.
New couple Rosario Dawson and (https://www.ibtimes.com/cory-bookers-dating-life-rosario-dawson-linked-possible-2020-presidential-candidate-2755128) Cory Booker may have big plans ahead if he wins the race for president.