Davis graft

Da·vis graft

"pinch grafts," that is, small (2-3 mm) full-thickness skin grafts.
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Da·vis graft

(dā'vis graft)
"Pinch grafts," i.e., small pieces (2-3 mm) of full-thickness skin grafts.
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John Staige, U.S. surgeon, 1872-1946.
Crowe-Davis mouth gag - Synonym(s): Davis-Crowe mouth gag
Davis graft - small pieces (2 to 3 mm) of full-thickness skin. Synonym(s): pinch graft
Davis-Crowe mouth gag - instrument used for opening the mouth, depressing the tongue, maintaining the airway, and transmitting volatile anesthetics during tonsillectomy or other oropharyngeal surgery. Synonym(s): Crowe-Davis mouth gag
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