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J.N.P., 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Davies disease.
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4) Since Spenser and Davies propose the eradication of native Irish culture, modern scholarship has an understandable desire to question the legitimacy of their arguments; yet such dismissive moves foreclose the possibility of understanding the rather precise and complex historical paradigm implicit in their contrast between barbarous Irishmen and English civility.
JDT was founded in 1980 as Equinoxe Dance Theatre by dancer-choreographers Grayham Davies, Corinna Lowry, Naomi Isaacson and Tossie van Tonder.
Especially in the shorts "Children" (1976), "Madonna & Child" (1980), and "Death & Transfiguration" (1983), Davies came to terms with his homosexuality while dealing with his Catholic working-class upbringing as the youngest of 10 children, the bullying he received at school, his violent, alcoholic father, and his complicated relationship with his mother.
Ms Baird argued that potentially powerful evidence from a witness which could have cleared Davies never went before the jury.
The one major subject that Davies leaves virtually untouched is the rise of neo-pagan witchcraft in the twentieth century, deferring to Ronald Hutton, whose excellent book (The Triumph of the Moon.
Davies was said to have been depressed after splitting up with her boyfriend.
Modified in various forms, it has produced many family names such as Davis, Davidson, Davies, Daves, Dawson, Dawes, Day, Dakin, etc.
That success, both commercially and artistically, can be traced to the second generation of the 40-year Davies family ownership, youthful Hugh Davies.
All Day And All Of The Night/Destroyer - Ray Davies & Billy Corgan
It was Aberavon flanker Chris Davies who stood out as easily the best player on the field, excelling in defence and attack.
Mr Davies, who runs Davies' Ornamental Iron Works in Hoghton Road, St Helens, said: "The cemetery is absolutely stunning.
PALMDALE -- Palmdale's municipal airpark honoring Air Force Plant 42's workers and aircraft will be renamed for former Councilman Joe Davies, whose four decades of civic involvement included commanding the production and flight-test installation.