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J.N.P., 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Davies disease.
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A 15-month suspended sentence was imposed on Davies, of Oak Grove, Manor Estate, Flint, at Guildford Crown Court in March 2018.
He set off in the direction of a nearby taxi office and encountered Davies in conversation with a group of homeless people.
During cross-examination Mr Davies said: "My hi-vis jacket has a Velcro security patch on the left breast [and] 'Security' written on the arm and on the back of the vest.
Willis and Davies have started five games as a pair, winning four and drawing one to claim an impressive 13 points from five games to make them the standout partnership based on the stats.
When Mr Davies announced that he would be doing the opposite shortly before a Welsh Conservative conference in Llangollen, the tension was palpable between the then Prime Minister and the Welsh Tory leader.
The trio's complex romantic entanglements reached a tense flashpoint as Davies chased his love rival out of the home, Teesside Crown Court was told.
Jayden Hayward opened the scoring with a third-minute penalty that Davies failed to match early on.
The court hearing on the case of an obsessed mother who sent racy pictures of her daughter to Sydney dance instructor, Grant Davies, exposes how the latter is taking advantage of his young students' passion for dancing.
Davies, of Glenboi, Mountain Ash, cut the telephone wires to her house to intimidate her, Mr Justice Green told London's Appeal Court, before storming into her bedroom where he "launched a vicious attack with a hammer".
Davies and Davies were involved in a titanic battle in the final with a combined team of Jean-Francois Ducay from France and the Italian Andrea Borgato, who took an early lead when Ducay, winner of the singles here, beat Paul Davies 3-0.
Sintons' Construction team including Partners Hilary Parker and Graeme Ritzema, together with solicitor Alex Rayner, will work closely with Davies & Davies.