Jacques, French oculist, 1693-1762. See: Daviel operation, Daviel spoon.
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The first successful cataract extraction is attributed to the French ophthalmologist Jacques Daviel, who performed the procedure in 1747 and it heralded the start of the modern era in cataract surgery.
Table 1: Evolution of cataract surgery Year Technique Place Surgeon 800 BC Couching India Susruta 1015 AD Needle aspiration Iraq Unknown 1100 Needle aspiration Couching Syria Unknown 1500 Couching Europe Unknown 1745 ECCE inferior incision France Daviel 1753 ICCE by thumb expression England Sharp 1860 ECCE superior incision Germany Von Graefe 1880 ICCE muscle hook zonulolysis India Smith and lens tumble 1900 ICCE by capsule forceps Germany Verhoeff 1940 ICCE by capsule suction Europe Barraquer erysiphake 1949 ECCE with post.
Micquel Daviel France and Mark Ricardo Lawlor, pleaded guilty to the Machynlleth robbery in September.
The court heard that Micquel Daviel France, 24, was allowed to leave Sudbury Prison after entering into a recognisance and went to Machynlleth, Powys.
His victim, Daviel Gustavo Cartagena, is the leader of the opposition party MSM, and was kneed in retaliation to an earlier foul.
Spurs chairman Daviel Levy has confirmed there is "an element of truth" to the suggestions his club are seeking to replace Jol.
Daviel Breazale (New Jersey: Humanities Press, 1979), 79-100.
This hint led Daviel to use a strategy that Carpenter et al.
Post operative astigmatism after cataract extraction remains a big problem for cataract surgeons since Jacques Daviel era.
In a Stableford competition vice-captain Alwyn M Roberts and I M Jones, won with 73 points, one ahead of Davies and Jones, with Dylan Evans and Daviel Davies third on 71.