hygiene hypothesis

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The theory that the clean modern lifestyle and lack of early childhood exposure to dirt, bacteria and other pathogens weaken the immune system, and increase susceptibility to allergies and asthma

hygiene hypothesis

Allergy medicine The theory that a clean modern lifestyle alters the immune system, ↑ susceptibility to allergies. See Leipzig disparity.

hy·giene hy·poth·e·sis

(hī'jēn hī-poth'ĕ-sis)
The tenet that improved cleanliness and modern medical care may be lowering the ability of people to deal with otherwise nonlethal pathogens and disease.

hygiene hypothesis,

n the theory that excessive prevention of early childhood exposure to dirt and pathogens can stunt the development of the immune system.
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In 1989 Professor David Strachan published a study including his "hygiene hypothesis", which suggested that a lack of exposure to germs and infections in childhood was to blame for the rise in the number of allergies and possibly inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis.
The New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines David Strachan visits Davao City and will stay here until November 20 as a way of strengthening the diplomatic and economic relations between New Zealand and the Philippines which have been partners for 50 years.
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Sin embargo, la hipotesis que tiene mas credibilidad es la formulada en 1989 por David Strachan, del Hospital Universitario San Jorge, de Londres, la hipotesis de la higiene o teoria de la exposicion microbiana, la cual plantea que los sistemas inmunologicos de quienes viven en las ciudades modernas no estan preparados para combatir los agen tes extranos, porque ha habido una reduccion de infecciones graves en la ninez.
According to David Strachan, PKHT manager, "We'll use replica Late Bronze Age axes, much smaller than their modern day counterparts, and the finished vessel will be around 10m long.
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The Committee first heard evidence from Clive Maxwell of the UK Treasury, David Strachan of the UK Financial Services Authority and Christopher Daykin of the Government Actuary's Department.