David Letterman Sign

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A finding on a plain film of the wrist characterised by a marked widening (a gap of 3 mm or more) of the joint space between the scaphoid and lunate, which is seen in patients with rotatory subluxation of the scaphoid (scapholunate dislocation). Untreated, the subluxation is associated with chronic wrist pain and disability. The widened space has been fancifully likened to the dental diastema (gap teeth) of American talk show host David Letterman, as well as American model Lauren Hutton and British comedian Terry Thomas, for whom it was originally named
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Lauren, 20th century U.S. model and film actress.
Lauren Hutton sign - Synonym(s): David Letterman sign


David, 20th century U.S. late-night television host.
David Letterman sign - on plain film of the wrist, subluxation of scaphoid bone resulting in widening of space between scaphoid and lunate carpal bones; so called because it is similar to prominent gap between central front teeth in this television personality. Synonym(s): Lauren Hutton sign; Terry Thomas sign


Terry, 20th century English comedic film actor.
Terry Thomas sign - Synonym(s): David Letterman sign
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