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Dual-Chamber and VVI Implantable Defibrillator. A multicenter study comparing dual-chamber (DDDR) implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) therapy with single-chamber (VVI) ICD therapy in patients with low ejection fractions (40%) and standard ICD indications
Conclusions Dual chamber rate responsive pacing as compared with ventricular backup-only pacing worsens the combined end point of mortality and heart failure-related hospitalization
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Camp David II fracaso y estallo la tercera revuelta palestina (2000): la situacion en las zonas invadidas se hacia intolerable.
Irrespective of the statement that Camp David II talks were "null and void," Israel and the PLO in December and January engaged in direct talks with the US Clinton administration seeking to bridge the gap between the parties -- a euphemism for continuing where they left off, except that this time the concessions are substantially enhanced.
David II says he became interested in these subjects as an elementary student attending a special "magnet" school, and later realized how important they are to every child's education.
Most of the church dates back to 1340 when David II was on the the throne.
In 1333 he led an army in person against the Scots and defeated their army at Halidon Hill, driving the boy-king David II into exile in France, setting up his own nominee, Edward Balliol, as the new ruler and insisting that Balliol perform homage to him.
David II granted the town a charter in the 14th century when it was called Modyrwaile.
The David II Trial demonstrated that the effect of atrial-based pacing (AAI-70) on event-free survival and quality of life is not substantially worse than, and is likely equivalent to, ventricular backup pacing (VVI-40).
At Neville's Cross 13 years later, the Scots suffered another catastrophe and King David II became a captive.
Q: Dennis Ross and President Clinton have blamed Yasser Arafat for causing Oslo to jump the rails at Camp David II in July 2000.
And a couple of years ago I found a David II groat from Scotland in south Durham.
We also stopped off to see the historic Auld Kirk, which dates back to the time of St Ninian - although the current building was constructed in the 14th- century by King David II.
AUSTIN, Texas -- On the heels of winning the coveted industry honor of Contemporary Design Group Jewelry Designer of the Year 2005 during jewelry week in Las Vegas, Austin-based fine jewelry designer, artisan and master craftsman Sir Zoltan David II celebrates his 25th year anniversary of creating his world-famous precious metal art.