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David, U.S. dermatologist, 1892–.
Bloom syndrome - congenital telangiectatic erythema and dwarfism with normal body proportions except for a narrow face and dolichocephalic skull.
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Daniel Pearl (The Wall Street Journal) and David Bloom (NBC) are two of those most well-known western victims but Pakistan has its own list of brave and undaunted journalists, who put their lives at risk and paid dearly.
David Bloom, Global Head of Foreign Exchange Strategy at HSBC said currencies seem to be broken up into three distinct drivers: cyclical, structural, and political.
TORONTO -- Former Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) chairman, president and chief executive officer David Bloom died last month at age 73.
David Bloom, strategist at HSBC, forecasts that the pound could fall to $1.10 by the end of 2017 and sterling may hit parity against the euro.
"There's a thing called 'Trump thermometer'," said David Bloom, London-based global head of forex strategy at HSBC.
Theatre veteran David Bloom, who is the Artistic Director of Felix Culpa and who has mentored hundreds of emerging theatre artists at Studio 58 and Capilano University, serves as dramaturge.
David Bloom, HSBC's Global Head of Foreign Exchange Strategy, added, "The slowdown in global economic activity seems to be intensifying, with particular weakness in the Eurozone.
Analysts Daragh Maher and David Bloom said that a powerful dollar would do more harm than good for the forex markets.
The crooner's tour manager tracked down the home number of dentist David Bloom and reached his wife.
Dentist David Bloom said: "Tooth decay can be easily prevented with a healthy diet and appropriate daily routine.
The peso is underperforming on speculation the monetary authority is favoring a weaker currency to revive growth after Typhoon Haiyan, David Bloom, London-based head of global foreign-exchange strategy at HSBC, said in a Jan.