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David, joint winner of 1975 Nobel Prize for work related to tumor viruses and cell material.
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Biologist David Baltimore, the president emeritus of Caltech, said so from the podium at the Hong Kong summit just minutes after He made a presentation on his project.
"We recommend an independent assessment to verify this claim and to ascertain whether the claimed DNA modifications have occurred," David Baltimore, the committee's chairman stated at the conference while reading out a statement regarding the incident.
David Baltimore, President Emeritus; Robert Andrews Millikan Professor of Biology, spoke after He's speech, saying it was irresponsible to have proceeded until safety issues were in order.
Earlier, Dr Cheung postdoctoral work at Caltech included a collaboration with Drs Antoni Ribas and Nobel Laureate David Baltimore to assess T cell multi-functionality in a clinical trial using engineered T cells for immunotherapy in advanced melanoma patients.
In "Why We Need a Summit on Human Gene Editing" (Issues, Spring 2016), David Baltimore describes how the planning committee chose the main theme and diverse topics of presentations for the International Summit on Human Gene Editing, held in December 2015.
Researchers who edit germ cells in the lab are not doing "germline editing" if no pregnancy results from the cells, said committee chairman David Baltimore of Caltech.
In his keynote address, Dr David Baltimore, Nobel Laureate in Physiology of Medicine and President of Emeritus of the California Institute of Technology, highlighted the importance of stem cells.
There is a tremendous opportunity in genetic medicine for innovation and for new players to make significant contributions, because it is still experimental, noted biologist and Nobel Laureate Dr David Baltimore said yesterday.
"I am very excited about it," said David Baltimore, a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1975.
The first chapter on miRNAs and the inflammatory response by David Baltimore is one of the best lectures that I have heard through reading this book.