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David, joint winner of 1975 Nobel Prize for work related to tumor viruses and cell material.
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In an editorial appearing in the same issue of Science, Nobel laureate David Baltimore, president of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, warned that a moratorium on embryo stem cell research and transplantation could be "devastating.
David Baltimore, a founding member of ARIAD's scientific advisory board and a Nobel laureate, Dr.
At the risk of pitching the stakes too high, I am reminded of an essay David Baltimore wrote in 1978 titled "The Limits of Science," in which the Nobel Prize--winning virologist considered whether scientists should conduct certain kinds of experimentation just because they could do so.
The study, by researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and New York's Columbia University, was quickly hailed as a landmark by David Baltimore, head of a government advisory committee on AIDS vaccines.
The authors also describe the professional damage endured by Nobel prizewinning scientist and Imanishi-Kari co-author David Baltimore.
Extreme publicity surrounded the case because one of the paper's authors, Nobelist David Baltimore, mounted a vocal campaign to defend Imanishi-Kari's work.
Or scientists may refer in print to data that don't exist--what Thereza Imanishi-Kari is said to have done in the widely publicized case of fraud that resulted in the resignation last year of her famous collaborator, David Baltimore, from his post as president of Rockefeller University.
David Baltimore, and his postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Prof.
T-cell Receptor Gene Therapy for Treatment of Lethal Prostate Cancer," the third successful proposal, is led by Nobel Prize winner David Baltimore, PhD, of the California Institute of Technology.
Nobel Prize winner David Baltimore of the California Institute of Technology noted, "We need a vaccine, but we still don't have an open road in front of us.
Carlsbad CA) have formed a venture bringing together Nobel Prize winners David Baltimore and Philip Sharp to create drugs from a newly discovered class of genetic material.
Caltech President David Baltimore pledged there would be no forced changes to the popular houses despite the committee's concerns that a few people were made uncomfortable by the rotation.