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Dual-Chamber and VVI Implantable Defibrillator. A multicenter study comparing dual-chamber (DDDR) implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) therapy with single-chamber (VVI) ICD therapy in patients with low ejection fractions (40%) and standard ICD indications
Conclusions Dual chamber rate responsive pacing as compared with ventricular backup-only pacing worsens the combined end point of mortality and heart failure-related hospitalization
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said David, summoning all his ingenuity in this severe strait.
Jacob paused from his clinking, and looked into the hole, while David began to scratch away the earth, as if in doubtful expectation.
David made haste to add every one of the stray coins, put on the lid, and covered it well with earth, saying in his meet coaxing tone -
One day, when David was about five, I sent him the following letter: "Dear David: If you really want to know how it began, will you come and have a chop with me to-day at the club?
To many summers," I replied, "for we are going away back, David, to see your mother as she was in the days before there was you.
You can't think how little David looked as we entered the portals of the club.
But David Swan had never worn a more tranquil aspect, even when asleep on his mother's breast.
As for David Swan, he still slept quietly, neither conscious of the shadow of death when it hung over him, nor of the glow of renewed life when that shadow was withdrawn.
Stopping the horse he got out of the buggy and asked David to get out also.
It was in just such a place as this that other David tended the sheep when his father came and told him to go down unto Saul," he muttered.
Tis a pleasing bird," returned David, "and has a soft and melancholy note
Ay, but David can use his throat, as no man in his senses would pervart the gift.